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"Receiving my diploma was not only important for my progression in life, but also for me to become a United States Marine. Semper Fi"
Turrell Crooks
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Your Recruits CHS Bridge Program

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This overview is designed to help your recruit successfully build out the remaining courses needed to complete their high school diploma and join the U.S. Military.


Each student needs are different. Some will need 1 or 2 courses to complete their bridge while others may need 5, 6, or 7 courses to complete theirs. The length of time needed to complete their bridge will depend on the number of courses, the difficulty of the courses, their life position and their desire and time to complete their diploma and join the military.

It's all about the recruit

This bridge program is coordinated by a single person the recruit! The CHS Admissions Specialist, you as a recruiter, family and friends can assist them, but the recruit is the one person who will pick the courses and decide how and when to complete them.

What Courses Do They Need To Build Their Course Bridge

When your recruit meets with their CHS Admissions Specialist, they will inform them of the number and type of courses they will need to reach the 18-credit requirement to be awarded the CHS Career Diploma. The below example shows the CHS courses required in blue, courses accepted in yellow, and the Bridge Courses the recruit will need to take to complete their diploma in green.

(Blue Column) The Career Diploma requires a student to complete 18 credits
(Yellow Column) The Transcript Evaluation accepted 13 Credits
(Green Column) Bridge Courses you need to take to complete your diploma

Choosing their Bridge Courses

If your recruit is lacking any English course, they must complete the English Course recommended by the Admissions Specialist, but in all other subject categories they have a choice of courses. For example, if they need to take a Math, Science or Social Science course, each core subject areas has a variety of courses and topics they can choose from.

To fill their elective courses, students can choose from 100’s of electives in the CHS’s course catalog. In addition, CHS has set aside a set of suggested elective courses specifically to help meet their elective requirement that supports their military career.

Please visit the military catalog for a list of courses.

No Cost ASVAB Prep Course

This is a no cost online prep-course available for anyone to enroll. Any student in any high school, homeschoolers, legal immigrant, or active duty servicemember and others can enroll. This is a one-stop, self-study umbrella course with a wide range of ASVAB information, a complete study guide and a clear step-by-step set of video lessons that help prepare the student to pass the ASVAB Examination.  The recruit may study at their own pace.

If any of your recruits are in need of additional ASVAB tutoring, CHS has partnered with Duran Learning to provide reduced cost additional tutoring to help them pass the ASVAB. Duran Learning:  Ace the ASVAB

In addition, provides “No-Cost, Online Tutoring and Homework Help 24/7 for U.S. Military and Their Families (Dependents)

For more information on the ASVAB Prep-Course, see the ASVAB section on the left side of the page.

Any Student Can Earn ½ High School Credit If they score a 31 or higher on the ASVAB Test.

  • When your recruits pass the ASVAB with a 31 or higher they can choose to apply for the ½ credit to be transferred back to their public, private, or charter school, OR a CHS student can apply the ½ credit toward their CHS diploma.
  • For additional information please refer to the ASVAB Prep Course Tab on the left side of this page.

Elective Courses that support the Military Bridge

The student can choose any elective course they desire from the CHS course catalog to fill their elective requirements. The below set of elective courses are courses that CHS Admission Specialists and Military Recruiters highlighted as useful options to complete the bridge program course of study. Complete course descriptions can be found in the CHS course catalog under Military Bridge Courses.

  • ASVAB Prep Course ½ Credit
  • DEP Course ½ Credit (Coming Soon)
  • Directed Reading 1 Credit
  • Life Skills 1 Credit
  • Cooking 1 Credit
  • Physical Fitness ½ Credit
  • Military Career Planning  1 Credit (Coming Soon)

Use of for U.S. Military and Dependents

For U.S. Military & Their Families there is NO-COST for Online Tutoring and Homework Help 24/7.  Learners can get 1-to-1 help in 150 different subjects  from an expert tutor—anytime, on any internet connected device, from anywhere in the world. Military Web Page

Transferring Credit to the Recruit's Local High School

To ensure that the CHS credits will transfer, your recruit must complete the Credit Transfer Form, and send it to their high school guidance counselor. 

Provided they meet their school’s transfer credit requirements and successfully complete the CHS course or courses, the recruit’s CHS high school courses should transfer to their local school as acceptable transfer credit. Please note, the acceptance of earned transfer credits is determined by the receiving institution.

For additional information on Transferring Credit to the recruit’s local high school, please click on the following link:  CHS Transfer Credit Explainer


If you have any additional questions you may chat, call, or text us.

  • To Chat with us just click the Chat with Us to the right. Our chat hours are daily 9am – 5pm EST
  • Call us at 800-736-4723 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm EST
  • Text “Military” to 800-736-4723
  • Email us at
  • If you would like to schedule a meeting our Director of Military Recruitment, please Click Here.
  • If you would like to schedule a meeting with a CHS Admissions Specialist, please Click Here.

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