CHS Refund and Cancellation Policy

Citizens High School is confident you will be happy with your program. In the unlikely event, you should wish to discontinue, Citizens High School will refund your tuition according to the following refund policy which meets the refund policy published by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. You may request cancellation in any manner, but written request is recommended.

  • Refund Policy based on Per Course Price of $298 for a 16-week term for Online College or Career
  • Refund Policy based on Per Course Price of $318 for a 16-week term for Offline College or Career
  • Registration Fees are not refundable to students unless students withdraw during the first 5 days after submission of the Enrollment Agreement.
  • CHS will refund 100% of any tuition received for any course not started by student (for online students, started means student accessed online course and there was faculty/student interaction; for Offline started means mailed CHS any module to be graded)
  • CHS will refund 100% of all monies received from a student during the first 5 days after submission of the Enrollment Agreement (including registration fee)

Total tuition will vary by student based on credits transferred in and the pace for completing courses.

CHS’s Total Tuition Charged is capped by the number of courses each student needs to take with CHS to graduate.

Maximum Tuition Cost per course is $298. If a student finishes the course faster than the 16-week window, CHS will only collect the payments for which the student has paid at time of completion or withdrawal.

For example, see the Total Tuition / Total Program Cost chart from the Online College 24 Credit diploma track below which is in the CHS Student and Parent Handbook, Enrollment Agreement, and CHS’s Terms and Conditions for this respective program track:

CHS will refund based on 16-week time based DEAC refund policy for 1.0 Credit Courses and on the 8 week time based DEAC refund policy for 0.5 Credit Courses, while not charging any additional monthly tuition charges past the month of withdrawal. Students can extend any course for an additional monthly tuition charge for each of the extensions granted.

Note to Students: Initial Enrollment Dates of 29th, 30th or 31st of any month will generate subsequent monthly billing dates of the 28th.

CHS will refund the student based on Total Tuition and Registration Fees (Total Program Cost) from the Chart above (which is provided to students prior to enrollment and after transfer credits are accepted) and the start date of the respective courses at time of the withdrawal request.

The student may request cancellation in any manner, but a written request is recommended. You may contact the Student Services Department at (904) 276-1700,, or a written notice of enrollment cancellation may be sent to: Citizens High School, Attn: Student Services, 1590 Island Lane, Suite 44, Fleming Island, FL 32003.

This refund policy is effective of new enrollments on or after May 16th, 2022.

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