Young Parent Courses

Whether you are a teen mom, teen dad, or young couple, Citizens High School believes you deserve the advantages that come with having a fully accredited high school diploma.

You don’t have to choose between parenting or being a successful student.

Our Young Parents curriculum allows you to earn high school credit for the real-life learning that comes with raising children.

Courses like Cooking, Directed Reading in Parenting & Child Development, Parenting & Child Development Practicum, and Life Skills all offer ways to keep your graduation on track with innovative, flexible coursework. Complete your work any hour of the day, and some are as simple as posting on social media sites.

No more childcare worries. No need to figure out transportation or work schedules. With CHS nothing stands between you and your future success.

Designed with you in mind

Being a Teen Mom or Dad can have its challenges managing school, work and being a new parent.

That is why this was designed with YOU in mind. Our YP Courses help young parents continue their high school education in a fun and engaging way. All of these courses make it possible to be a parent and earn your high school diploma.

Work at your own pace and document daily activities such as cooking and parenting for credit. You can also learn new life and parenting skills with these courses.

Features of the Young Parent Courses

Young Parents electives allow students to earn High School credit for some of the learning that takes place while parenting and applies credits towards your high school diploma.

Students can attend High School full-time, part-time, graduate from Citizens High School or from your local High School. You can be a stay-at-home parent homeschooler, we’ll help you tailor the courses to meet your academic and life needs.

Young Parents electives encourage you to learn about parenting and early childhood development in a fun and practical way. Our courses are designed to promote lifelong learning while awarding the student credit for some of your everyday parenting activities.

Our faculty members are here to guide you throughout your journey. We’re available Monday through Friday and respond to your messages within 24 hours. This gives you the flexibility to learn on your own schedule.

Directed Reading in Parenting and Child Development

Our Directed Reading in Parenting and Child Development course gives students the freedom to choose what they read and how they apply it. Students will read and reflect upon primary works in parenting and child development.

Over the course of a year, students will read four books or equivalents on child basics, parenting, baby healthcare, quality childcare, and learning readiness. The application of learning will be displayed through project-based activities and open discussion forums with assigned Learning Coaches.

What is the Teen Parent Cooking Elective Course?
Our Cooking course uses project-based learning to give you credit for the nutritious meals you cook each day for you and your family. You are given the freedom to explore cooking skills, recipes, and meal ideas – either as an individual or in a group. Over the course of a year, you will prepare 26 meals while documenting your process in a 3-5-minute video submission submitted every two weeks.
Parenting and Child Development Practicum

Our Parenting and Child Development Practicum course allows you to earn credit for being your child’s first teacher. You earn credit for applying knowledge learned about parenting and child development during everyday moments. Through bi-weekly video submission you will be graded on positive parent-child interactions; such as talking to your child, engaging, playing, and parenting techniques.

It is important to note that the Practicum course is not meant to be on-the-job training or an apprenticeship, but is rather an educational process of guided experiential learning designed for your personal growth as both a student and a parent.

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