Adult Learning

Our Adult Learning services allows for adults with busy schedules to get on track and earn their high school diploma within a few months. All of our fully accredited courses are offered 100% remotely so that you can pursue your diploma in your spare time.

Reasons why enrolling in Citizens High School as an adult is right for you:

It’s never too late to go back to school.

We make it easy to get back on track to a high school diploma. Earn your high school diploma and include courses that support your career focus:


Are you or someone you know interested in completing your high school diploma in hopes to enter the U.S. Military? Check out our Pathway to the U.S. Military!

A high school diploma is a vital component to being considered eligible for enlistment in the United States Military. With our Pathway to the U.S. Military program, you can focus on the exact courses needed to complete your diploma and receive it in less time than many other adult education options. Many enlistees that have enrolled with CHS have completed their diploma in just a few months!

How Fast Can I Get My High School Diploma Online?

It depends on the number of courses needed after the student’s transfer credit evaluation, the student’s motivation and the student’s life situation


Once you know how many courses you need to graduate, you can set up your own pace of study to reach your graduation goal


You can enroll as a full time student for $149 per month and take two courses per month or enroll in a single course per month for $99 per month and complete each course at your own pace.

Explore Some of Our Adult Learning Aids

Manage Your Academic Progress From Your Phone

Take the Course Examination

Transfer Credit is the Acceptance of Prior Learning

Earn Credit for Life & Work Experiences

Cluster Courses are a set of related courses to a specific career or subject area

Plan and Organize Your High School Diploma

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Does CHS Make Sense for Your Educational Goals?

When you enroll in an adult education diploma program with CHS, you can receive the following benefits not offered by traditional adult high schools: 

Earn a U.S. High School Diploma Internationally 

U.S. citizens living domestically and abroad, as well as citizens of other nations, can all receive a fully accredited American high school diploma from CHS. As long as you have a reliable internet connection available, you can work toward earning your diploma with us. 

Greater Access to Support and Resources

Our small, fully digital class sizes allow for easier access to teachers, tutors, and other educational resources with fast response times. You can receive the academic support that you need as you continue your education to ensure that you successfully complete your diploma credits. 

College and Career-Oriented Course Paths

At CHS, we offer both higher education and career-oriented course pathways to help prepare you for your post-high school future. Depending on your own goals, you can select one more closely tailored to your needs to help you work toward achieving the future that you want for yourself. 

Individual Courses Offered 

Do you only need one or a small number of specific courses to complete your diploma or to prepare for specific educational or career goals? Our individual courses provide the means for you to earn high school credits without needing to enroll in an entire curriculum. This can be used as a supplement for courses not offered by your local high school, or as a faster pathway to complete the last few credits needed to earn your diploma. 

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Online High School Options

Whether you need a full course path to get an accredited High School diploma, or just want to take some Individual Courses, we have exactly  what you need.  

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