Credit Recovery

Fixing a Bad Grade

So, you need to repeat a class. Maybe you failed a course…or maybe you just want to do better than you did the first time. No worries! It happens to the best of students.  CHS can help!

You can take any of the courses in our High School Online Course Catalog for credit recovery. 

Tips for successfully retaking a course for credit

Taking a course over again seems like a daunting task–and probably a little boring, too. But, there are some real positives to the second time around. Here are a few…

What does a CHS Course Look Like?

English for Credit Recovery

In this introductory core Citizens High School course, students will expand their reading comprehension, writing capabilities, and analytical and critical thinking skills. The foundational elements of grammar and integrated language arts will be applied to reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language development. Students will be well-prepared to excel in their continued English studies as they pursue their high school diploma, prepare for the world of work, and establish their college readiness. 

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