High School Credit Transfers

Enrolling in an online high school program is beneficial for various reasons. One of the most important reasons is that the majority of credits you earn can transfer if you so choose. The credits transfer process from Citizens Online High School is easy to complete and will help you return to a traditional high school setting, enroll in one for the first time, or apply your existing high school credits towards a diploma with COHS. The process also accepts credits from other accredited online programs and even homeschool curriculum.

Submit Your Transfer Paperwork or Portfolio

Interested in enrolling in one of our programs? The first step of the credits transfer process is to submit your paperwork or portfolio. We will need to review your academic transcript, which is held by the school or online organization in which you are currently enrolled. If you have been homeschooled, you will need to submit your homeschool portfolio for us to review. By submitting the appropriate set of documents, our academic review team will be able to determine which credits you’ve already earned may be transferred to our program, so you don’t have to take a course a second time.

Applying from an Accredited School

Are you applying to Citizens Online High School from an accredited school? Be sure to follow the steps outlined below to begin the credits transfer process:

  • Use the Printable Request Form to have your transcript sent by your middle or high school to our team.
  • We only accept transcripts from accredited schools.
  • Forward the transcript to our admissions office via email, fax, or regular mail.
  • Our admissions team will review your transcript.
  • You will be informed as to which classes are required for you to graduate from Citizens Online High School.

Applying as Homeschooled Student

Are you applying to Citizens Online High School as a homeschooled student? If so, you will want to follow the application process outlined below to determine if credits will transfer to our program:

Download the Homeschool Validation Forms

  • Complete and sign the Home School Grade Transcript of all credits earned from grades 9 to 12.
  • Complete and sign the Home School Curriculum Validation that lists all of the educational materials that were used to complete the courses from grades 9 to 12.
  • Complete and sign the Home School Education Evaluation that details the progress of the student from grades 9 to 12.

Applying as an Adult Student

If you are interested in Citizens Online High School so you may earn better job opportunities or take your education to the next level, COHS provides the flexibility you need to work at your own pace. Our focus is helping you learn. Regardless of why you are making a change, we want to make earning your diploma work for you. COHS has two options for adult students: a Career Diploma track with 18 credits that meets the requirements typically expected by employers; and a College Diploma track with 24 credits which includes additional coursework most often preferred by college and university admissions boards.

Benefits of Transferring Credits

What are the benefits of transferring previously earned credits to our high school diploma programs? For starters, you will not have to take the same courses again if they can be applied towards your diploma with Citizens Online High School and come from an accredited school. There may be one or two courses you have to take again, especially if you failed those courses or received an incomplete, but it all depends on the transcript review team.

Another benefit of the credits transfer process is that you can earn your high school diploma quicker than if you simply enrolled in one of our programs from the start. Even if only a portion of your earned credits will transfer over, why put yourself through an entire program when you can cut your time in half towards earning a diploma?

When you decide to transfer your credits, you are making a wise decision about your future, especially if you are coming from a program that has not provided you with the education you were expecting. At Citizens Online High School, we develop programs that help students prepare for either a college education or to begin their careers right after earning a high school diploma. Transferring credits to Citizens Online High School can also help you save money on your education if you are coming from a private school.

A Simple Credits Transfer Process

When you decide to enroll in a high school diploma program at Citizens Online High School, you will find out that the credits transfer process is very easy. As you can see from the steps outlined above for both accredited schools and homeschooling, there aren’t any hoops to jump through in order for you to have your transcript or portfolio reviewed by our academic team. The sooner you submit your transcript or portfolio for review, the sooner you can enroll in one of our programs and begin working towards your high school diploma. Our team is here to answer all of your questions, review your transcript, and guide you towards the program that best suits your needs as you prepare for college or a career.

Please send the portfolio to Student Services using one of the submission methods below.

1590 Island Lane, Suite 44
Fleming Island, FL 32003



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