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What are the benefits of transferring previously earned credits to our high school diploma programs?

Credit vs Credits: A Simple Credit Transfer Process

There are not any hoops to jump through in order for you to have your transcript or portfolio reviewed by our academic team. Citizens also accepts transfer credits from a GED. You can enroll in courses while we wait on your transcript.

Steps to Transfer Credit for High School Courses from Another School

Step 1:

Enroll in Citizens High School

Step 2:
Begin Classes

Begin classes by choosing courses you know you still have left to complete.

Step 3:
Request Transcript

Request an official transcript of your credits earned from your previous school or school district.

Steps to Transfer Credit for High School Courses from Homeschool


Enroll in Citizens High School

Begin Classes

Begin classes by choosing courses you know you still have left to complete.

Complete Homeschool Validation Forms

Maximum number of transfer credits allowed:

Career Diploma


Academic Diploma


Our team is here to answer all of your questions, review your transcript, and guide you towards the program that best suits your needs as you prepare for college or a career.

Please send the Official Transcripts and/or Home School Portfolio information using one of the methods on the right.

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Yes. CHS is a DEAC-accredited high school which means our courses and diplomas are accepted by most high schools, colleges, and universities nationwide. We will provide an official transcript at your request to any educational institution. Please note, acceptance of CHS credits is ultimately up to the receiving school’s discretion.

Fill out the CHS Transfer Credit Form and present it to your school counselor. Once they approve the Transfer, the counselor will email the document to Citizens Administration Office (request the counselor provide you with a copy) and CHS will set up the automatic transcript request to be sent once you have completed the course and received a final grade.

Yes, CHS is accredited, visit our Accreditation page for more information.

There are multiple ways in which a student or parent can get help and ask questions. You can live chat with our student services department via the website, or send us an email at You can also call our student services or academics team at 1-800-736-4723 Monday through Friday 9AM – 5PM Eastern Standard Time. 

You may also ask us a Question Here

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