Dual Credit Courses

Get a head start on earning College Credits!

Earn college credit and high school credit while still being enrolled in high school.

Save Money

Save 73% off the average cost of a 3-credit college course

Get Ahead

Focus on what you want to learn in college by completing General Education courses in high school.

Skip the Test

Unlike AP courses, you do not have to pass an exam after the course to earn the college credit.

How the Dual Credit Courses Works

  • Decide on the online dual credit course you would like to study
  • Click on any of the below Enroll Now buttons or click on the Dual Credit Catalog button, review your course of choice and click on the enroll now button
  • If you want to ensure the transferability of your Dual Credit course to the college or university of your choice, make sure to talk to your future college’s Registrar about transferring credit

Earn High School and College Credit

CHS in partnership with Valley Forge Military College is offering students the opportunity to earn high school credit and college credit hours at the same time. With both schools having accreditation the credits you earn will transfer to your local high school as well as the college you decide to attend, though acceptance of transfer credit is ultimately up to the receiving institution.

Online dual credit courses are more rigorous than your typical high school courses, and are taught by faculty who are qualified to teach at both the high school and college level. Students will go through the course just as they would a typical online course, and once you complete the course with the required grade you will receive the appropriate high school and college credit.  Both CHS and Valley Forge Military College will provide a transcript to your schools of choice.

Students can take up to two dual credit courses at a time.

A student could potentially complete 12 dual credit courses a year and earn 36 college credit hours.

See our list of dual credit courses, which is always increasing.

Dual Credit Courses


Per Course

Per Month

Plus $200 Dual Credit Registration Fee Per Course

  • High School credit will be transferred to your local high school
  • College credit will be transferred to the college of your choice
  • Courses generally take 16 weeks to complete
  • Monthly tuition ends when you complete your course

Our Current Course Offerings

High School Course Name

College Course Equivalent

English 3 Honors

English Composition 1

English 4 Honors

English Composition 2

Algebra 2

College Algebra



US History Honors

American Experience 1



American Government Honors

American Government

Biology Honors


Chemistry Honors


Speech Communications

Speech Communications

Personal Psychology

Intro to Psychology

Special Topics: Conversations on Confronting Racism

Topics in Current Society

CHS Transfer Credit Option

  • The purpose of the transfer credit form is to ease the transfer process to the college or university of your choice.
  •  The Transfer Credit Form secures that any completed CHS dual credit course can transfer to the college of your choice if you meet the admission requirements as outlined by the college or university that you are accepted to.
  • Click on “Learn about Transferring your Credit” to view the Transfer Credit Form and step-by-step guidance on Transferring credit.

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