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Citizens High School currently has no upcoming events. Please check back at a later date for any new events. 

Monthly Events


CHS Meet The Teacher Night!

On September 22nd, Citizens High School invites parents and guardians, as well as students, to join us once a month via Zoom to meet our teachers, ask questions, and learn a successful tip for supporting your student’s online success.

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Founding Fathers Debate

On Sep 28, 2021 at 4:00 PM EST., Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams debate one another. To sign up, visit:

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Character Contest Read-a-Palooza

Calling all bookworms: Do you have a favorite fictional character that you would like to show off? Enter our Character Contest for a chance to win a prize! This October, CHS is giving you 2 options to show off your creativity:

  1. Costume Contest: Send us a photo of you dressed up as your favorite character. Be sure to let us know your character’s name and which book they are from.
  2. Playlist: Put yourself into the shoes of your favorite character. What would their anthem be? Are there certain artists that they would jam out to? Create a 10-15 song playlist for your character and send us your song selections, along with the name of your character and the book they are from.

To enter, email your submission to academics@citizenshighschool.com. The contest closes on October 31st and the winner will be announced on November 5th.

*Any and all submissions will be used on CHS digital platforms*

Constitution Day Contests

Constitution Day is celebrated every September 17th to commemorate the September 17, 1787 signing of the United States Constitution. This year, the Citizens High School Civics Courses has three exciting opportunities for you to celebrate!

  1. Representation! Represent Citizens High School by submitting an entry into the National Poster Contest: This nation-wide contest invites students to celebrate Constitution Day by designing a poster showing how they benefited from the freedoms embodied in the U.S. Constitution. Entries must be mailed off by October 1, 2021. To learn more about how to enter, visit: https://www.constitutionday.cc/
  2. Express yourself! Use your voice! CHS Video Contest: To enter, submit a short video describing what the United States Constitution means to you or what your favorite amendment is. Submissions close on Friday, September 17th. Each participant will be sent a certificate and the winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift card. Winner will be announced Friday, September 24th. To enter, please email your Name, Student ID #, and video to academics@citizenshighschool.com
  3. Show off your Constitution knowledge! Each day, join us on any of our social media platforms and be the first to correctly answer a U.S. Constitution trivia question and win a prize!
Civics Spotlight: Promoting Positive Policing and Youth Engagement

On September 14th, were joined by special guests JSO Assistant Chief Lakesha Burton and Arquan Joseph to discuss promoting positive policing and youth engagement.

Civics Spotlight: Habitat for Humanity

On August 17th, join us and special guest Jesse James, from Habitat for Humanity, as we speak about all the wonderful things Habitat for Humanity does and various ways you can get involved as a student! 

Civics Spotlight: Going Global

On June 7th, CHS and Special Guests Returned Peace Corps Volunteers from Guatemala and Morocco met and discussed the monthly topic, Going Global. 

May Dual Enrollment Session [May 13th]

May Dual Enrollment Session with St. John River College on May 13th, 5 pm EST.

May 2021 Open House for Prospective Students

Discussed the benefits, flexibility, and features of Citizens High School’s new accelerated online diploma programs. 

Hosted by our Chief Academic Officer and Director of Strategic Initiatives. 

May Dual Enrollment Session [May 12th]

May Dual Enrollment Session with St. John River College on May 12th, 9 am EST.

Civics Spotlight: Saving Our Earth

On May 10th CHS and a very special guest the Surfrider Foundation hosted a webinar discussing Saving Our Earth!

Second January 2021 Open House for Prospective Students

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Early January 2021 Open House for Prospective Students

Available for replay