Online Learning PODs System - Inspired by and for Parents

Learning Pods (PODs) offer Parents and Students the following:
  • A safe “temporary” classroom
  • A semi-normal life for parent and child
  • Continued learning from home
  • A reliable educational experience
  • Relief from school teaching duties
  • A school option that allows Parents to go back to work
learning pods online education
  • PODS work just like your local school
  • Your child attends structured online classes at home
  • Student Follows a planned daily/weekly schedule
  • A CHS teacher does the teaching

Yes, you can customize your POD exactly the way you want it. 

For example: Choose 3 courses for 3 credits for 4 Months

Student can choose from over 200 core and elective courses. 

Both Face-to-Face learning and Online Learning PODs have pros and cons.  To learn more about the Pros and Cons please download CHS’s PDF “Your Choice—What’s Best for Your Child”

What are some examples of POD Learning Themes with Courses? ​

POD Learning ThemesOptional Courses (Your choice of how many)
Back to School PODHigh School Planner, two elective or core courses
Academic PODForeign Language, Math, Science
Latino PODESL, two elective or core courses (All courses English Spanish side by side)​
Creative Independence PODCooking Course, Directed Reading Course, choice of elective
NCAA Approved Courses POD English Course, Math, your choice of over 100 approved courses​

Learning Pods Pricing Options

You can build your POD with any combination of Basic, Premium or Textbook courses!

You can take up to 6 courses at a time.  When you chose your courses, the course cost calculator will add up your monthly costs.

Each course is structured to be completed in 16 weeks

A typical POD is structured with 3 courses, to earn 3 credits in 16 weeks (4 months), but it is your choice to how many courses to place in your student’s POD.

  • Online Courses $99/month

    Online courses are CHS produced courses.

  • Textbook Based Courses $109/month

    Textbook Based courses are correspondence paper based, done through the mail.

POD Option Comparison Guide

FeaturesBasic PODTextbook-based POD
Course Price (Different course prices can be mixed in a POD)$99/month$109/month
3-Course Price$297/month$327 total
Textbook(s) deliveredX
Faculty, LMS, AdminXX
Lesson Plans, Scheduling, HomeworkXX
High School PlannerXX
Parent AppXX

Canvas Parent Monitoring App

Manage your student’s academic progress in Citizens High School with the Canvas Parent Mobile App. View student assignments and current grades at any time from the App once you have installed it on your device. This video walks you through how it works. 

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