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Are you ready to change the way you learn? Do you need a more flexible class schedule to fit your busy life? If so, online learning is a great way to earn your high school diploma without having to uproot your entire life to attend class. Citizens High School offers various academic tracks for those who want to earn their high school diploma on their own time. You can take the general or academic studies route depending on your preference or goals in life.

The Diploma for College Program will prepare you for a career after earning your high school diploma, while the Diploma for Career Program will prepare you for a college education. Most of the credits earned in these programs can be transferred to colleges and universities, including online learning programs across the country. The Citizens High School program is an accredited program, which means you will be able to transfer credits earned here to other high schools.

Once you realize how convenient an online high school program is for your life, make sure you contact Citizens High School to speak with a representative about our programs. The courses are designed to be completed in a total of 16 weeks, but you can speed up the process as quickly as you’d like in order to complete it in as little as 28 days.

You can work at your own pace, from wherever you choose, and at any time of the day or night. Your schedule will not be affected since the classes are entirely online and not scheduled for a set time during the day. You will still be able to work your part-time or full-time job, care for your children, run errands, go to doctor’s appointments, and complete other tasks without the worry of being late to class.

Being able to learn on your own time, and at your own pace, is a big advantage of the Citizens High School online high school diploma programs. Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions about our programs in the sections below.

Student Services

Can I Transfer Credits Earned At Citizens’ High School To Another High School?

Yes. CHS is a DEAC-accredited high school which means our courses and diplomas are accepted by high schools, colleges, and universities nationwide. We will provide an official transcript at your request to any educational institution. Please note, acceptance of CHS credits is ultimately up to the school’s discretion.

Will Homeschool Credits Transfer?

Yes, for a homeschool student to receive credit for courses completed via home education, our admissions team will need the following information:

  • A completed and signed Home School Grade Transcript of the student’s credits earned in grades 9-12
  • A completed and signed Home School Curriculum Validation listing the educational materials used for each subject completed in grades 9-12
  • A completed and signed Home School Education Evaluation of the student’s academic progress in grades 9-12

These forms can be found on our Transfer Credit page.  Once you have completed and signed the forms you may send them in via mail, fax (904-272-6702), or email them at

  • Completed and signed Homeschool Grade Transcript of the student’s credits earned in grades 9-12
  • Completed and signed Homeschool Curriculum Validation listing the educational materials used for each subject
    completed in grades 9-12
  • Completed and signed Homeschool Education Evaluation of the student’s academic progress in grades 9-12

These forms can be found on our Transfer Credit page. Once you have completed and signed the forms you may send them in via mail, fax (904-272-6702), or email them at


Is Citizens’ High School Accredited?

Yes, CHS is nationally accredited by DEAC (Distance Education Accrediting Commission).  CHS has been nationally accredited for nearly 40 years, making us the second oldest active nationally accredited distance education high school in the United States. We are also Regionally- Accreditated with Middle States Association.

General Information

Can I Use My Diploma To Attend College Or Gain Employment? 

Yes, while CHS does not guarantee employment or acceptance into a college, our diploma is nationally accredited and our credits are accepted at most public and private universities.  For those students interested in continuing their education at a 4-year institution, we highly suggest that you enroll in our Diploma for College program.  For students interested in entering directly into the workforce, we suggest completing the Diploma for Career program.  

Are All Online Courses And Programs Completed Entirely Online?

All courses and materials for CHS Online are completed online.  The only exception to this policy will be in the science courses where hands on experiments will be conducted using materials found around the home.  Also some electives may require specialized equipment, but those items will be listed in the course syllabus.

What Colleges and Universities do CHS Online College Diploma Pathway Graduates Attend?

Citizens High School is committed to making sure that our students are prepared to flourish in  the college or university of their choice. That’s why CHS Online Diploma Pathway for College Program with its rigorous curriculum and academic support fully prepares students for College and University. Here is a sample of some of the schools our graduates have attended: Arizona State University, Auburn University, Ohio State University, Northwestern University, Florida State University, Texas Lutheran University, Georgetown University, University of Florida, North Texas, The University of New Mexico & the University of Hawaii. 


How Much Is CHS’ Tuition?

The CHS Online Tuition model is simple – $69 per month and you can take up to two courses at one time.  There are no hidden fees, just study at your own pace, in your own environment.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

CHS is confident you will be satisfied with your choice in education. Should you change your mind, CHS will refund your tuition according to the following refund policy per the requirements set forth by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission.  Our refund policy is designed for what is in the best of the student and parent. For more information about our refund policy click here.

Why Isn’t The CHS High School Program Free Like It Is In The Public Schools?

CHS is a private school and funded through tuition paid by the students, unlike public schools that are funded by the state and federal taxes paid by residents.

Can I Work At My Own Pace?

Our courses are designed to be completed in 16 weeks, with a focus on one lesson per week.  By doubling or tripling the amount of lessons you complete each week, you can finish a course in as little as 28 days.  As long as you are focusing on one lesson per week, it is up to you to set the pace that works best for your schedule.  

Academic Policies

What Do Citizens’ High Schools Courses Look Like?

Our classes are designed to be completed in 16 weeks.  Which means you will complete one lesson per week.  Each of our lessons are engaging and interactive.  See for yourself in our Free Course Demo Video.

Do you still have questions about the academic programs offered by Citizens’ High School? Be sure to contact our team at 800-736-4723 to have all of your questions answered. The accredited educational programs offered help students of all ages earn their high school diploma without having to change their schedule to accommodate time in a classroom. The traditional high school education in a brick and mortar building is not for everyone. Change your life for the better by enrolling in one of our online programs today.

Did you drop out of high school before earning your diploma? Have you always wanted to improve your chances of acquiring higher paying jobs? Many employers prefer candidates who have their high school diploma instead of a GED, which is a great reason why you should consider enrolling in an online course offered by Citizens’ High School. You can earn your high school diploma at any age so long as you have an internet connection and time available to complete the courses, which are designed to be studied over a 16-week period.

Earning a high school diploma at any point in life can improve your chances of acquiring meaningful and higher paying employment. You will have a sense of accomplishment as well,  knowing you completed something that has been elusive for so long. If you are currently in high school but want to change your learning environment, an online program from Citizens’ High School can help you improve your situation while preparing you for a job or for college. There’s no reason to fight traffic in the morning, worry about being late for class, or roam the halls of a school you do not like when online learning can offer the same excellent classes as the ones in which you are currently enrolled. We can find a program that matches your college or career goals. Contact Citizens’ High School today to enroll in a program that meets your needs.

Enroll Today

Are you ready to make the leap into online learning? Enroll Now in one of our diploma programs today. Call the team at 800-736-4723 to have all of your questions answered or to enroll over the phone. Online learning can challenge you, teach you new skills, and propel you towards the college degree or career you desire. Get started with an online program today so you can provide a better future for yourself and your family tomorrow.

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