Technical Support

Students may use a computer, tablet, or other mobile device to access their courses and review lessons. A computer and software program such as Microsoft Office or Open Office will be necessary to complete required assessments in the courses.

Operating System

Canvas only requires an operating system that can run the latest compatible web browsers. Your computer operating system should be kept up to date with the latest recommended security updates and upgrades.

Flash is required for recording audio and video in the Canvas Rich Content Editor. Other than these features, Flash is not required to use most areas of Canvas. Please note that some browsers may no longer support Flash.

Canvas on Mobile Devices

The Canvas interface was optimized for desktop displays, so using small form factors such as phones may not be a pleasant experience in using Canvas. For the best user experience, please download the Canvas mobile applications.

Since Canvas uses small elements of Flash, not all Canvas features may be supported on mobile devices, especially on iOS. However, Canvas offers limited support for native mobile browsers on tablet devices. For additional details, please reference the limited-support mobile browser guidelines.

Mobile Browsers

  • Safari (default browser with limited Canvas support)
  • Chrome
  • Photon Flash Player (supports Flash)
  • Chrome (defult browser with limited Canvas support)*
  • Internet 
  • Firefox

Internet Speed

Along with compatibility and web standards, Canvas has been carefully crafted to accommodate low bandwidth environments.

It is recommended to have a minimum Internet speed of 512kbps.


Software programs such as Microsoft Office or OpenOffice may be necessary to complete some assessments. Microsoft can be purchased at or local retailers. OpenOffice works with many operating systems and is free to download –


Speakers or Headphones with microphone capabilities may be necessary to complete some assessments


A media player may be necessary to playback recordings and video lessons. Most computers come equipped with a media player. If not, you may download a free media player here –

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