CHS Academic Honesty Policies & Procedures

CHS Student Academic Integrity Policy

Academic integrity requires that all work submitted is created by you, the student, and is an original representation of your work, ideas, and expressions. It means that what you submit is your own work. 

CHS expects all academic work submitted by students to be truthful where: 

  1. The ideas (written or oral) of others are properly cited; 
  2. Students do not provide unauthorized assistance to others; 
  3. Students submit their own work without unauthorized assistance; and 
  4. Students report their research or accomplishments accurately.
  5. No ChatBots, or AI can be used in written assignments.  

CHS Academic Integrity Tools

Among these tools are: 

  1. Turnitin Plagiarism Detection Tool /Canvas 
    • This internet tool compares student work against a variety of databases. The CHS Learning Management System is integrated with and most work is automatically uploaded to the system. This database compares students’ work against other students’ work, written work found on the internet, as well as AI and chatbot assistance.  
  2. CHS Faculty Expertise 
    • CHS instructors have extensive classroom experience. Their expertise is often a guide in identifying the level of originality in student work. 
  3. Proctored Exams 
    • Proctored Exams may occur for Job Corps courses CHS offers, but not all CHS classes/exams. 

Why is it important to maintain CHS’ Academic Integrity Policy?

The primary objective of the CHS Academic Integrity Policy is to equip you, the student, with the tools and resources you need to maintain the CHS academic integrity standards through proper use of citation; independent academic assessment; and overall academic performance. CHS always intends to implement and revise plagiarism policies and consequences that are progressive and educational so students may learn from their mistakes to master their understanding of plagiarism. We understand that while our teachers and staff are experts on academic integrity, plagiarism, and cheating, many students do not have a full understanding of when their actions may violate the policies. Our goal is to educate you, the student, and support your success in upholding the standards. When in doubt, always ask questions of your instructors, faculty, and school support staff.

A variety of consequences will be administered if you fail to maintain academic integrity in your course. These consequences range from a reduced score on an assignment up to expulsion from CHS coursework for up to one month. CHS and its faculty truly understand plagiarism; however, some students may not.

Cheating on Quizzes, Tests or Exams:

First Offense: If CHS deems that a student cheated on any CHS assessment within a course, CHS may give the student a 0% score on the assessment or allow them to retake for 50% of score.

Second Offense: If CHS deems that a student cheated on any CHS assessment as a second offense within a course, CHS may give the student a 0% score on the assessment and not allow for a retake.

Third Offense: If CHS deems that a student cheated on any CHS assessment as a third offense within a course, CHS may give the student an F score for the course and remove the student from the course.

Plagiarism Badge Color on Turnitin Assignments and Consequences:

Blue or Green:
  • No matching text up to 24% (very common for submissions that do not contain plagiarism based on algorithms of Turnitin)
  • Consequences: Faculty will review and provide grade and feedback. Not deemed plagiarism. Student may continue.
  • 25% to 49% Matching text, Mild Plagiarism
  • Consequences: Requires CHS Faculty to inform student of the specific details of mild plagiarism and how to correct in feedback, but student does not have to correct and can move on without any additional intervention.
  • 50% to 74% Medium
  • Consequences: Requires CHS Faculty to inform student of the specific details of medium plagiarism and how to correct in feedback, student must correct and re-submit per faculty feedback.
  • 75% or more matching text- Can be Flagged as Excessive plagiarism by CHS Faculty
  • First Red
    • A student is coached by CHS Faculty and allowed to resubmit for 100% of Credit.
  • Second Red
    • If deemed excessive plagiarism by the instructor after reviewing submission, student must resubmit but may only receive 50 % credit for the resubmission.
  • Third Red
    • Student receives 0 on the respective assignment and can’t retake for additional attempts.
  • Fourth Red
    • Student is removed from the course and will have to restart it, with F on transcript for breaking Academic Honesty Policy as additional punishment. Academic Manager and / or Center Director is notified.


If student receives F in any additional course for same circumstances (over 3 Red Turnitin Submissions), then student is suspended from CHS for 1 month for per occurrence.

Academic Integrity: Roles and Responsibilities


At CHS, we support students learning and expressing their ideas, content knowledge, and creativity in an academic manner that reflects their own unique achievements. Students are expected to take age-appropriate individual responsibility for their own learning, including taking all assignments seriously and applying themselves to the best of their ability, and always completing their own work within the expectations of CHS’s Academic Integrity Policy.

Students are responsible for submitting and protecting their own, original work.

CHS students will maintain academic integrity in their CHS classroom by:
  • Completing an academic integrity module as part of the Orientation Course.
  • Asking questions regarding academic integrity if they are unsure.
  • Protecting their password by not sharing their password with anyone.
  • Safeguarding their own work. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
    • Students will not share work with any other student.
    • Students will not upload their CHS coursework to any third-party.
    • Students will not share their username and/or password.
    • Taking a proctored segment exam when asked to do so.

Parents/Guardians/Academic Coaches (JC Instructors and Staff)

Parents/Guardians/Academic Coaches and Job Corps Instructors are our partners in supporting student learning and play a key role in their student’s success in any learning environment, but even more so at CHS. Parents/guardians are responsible for monitoring student work to ensure compliance with the CHS Academic Integrity Policy.


Parents/Guardians/Academic Coaches (JC Instructors and Staff) of CHS students will help maintain academic integrity in the CHS classroom by:
  • Participating in an onboarding training and annual training with CHS that includes components of our academic integrity program
  • Ensuring that their student’s work is authentic and original
  • Understanding the student’s proctored exam requirements and your role and responsibilities as a proctor.

CHS Faculty

The subject-specific CHS Faculty is the primary contact for students and parents/guardians regarding subject-specific questions. These teachers are qualified to provide instructional intervention strategies as needed and to handle the following instructional questions:

  • Curriculum or materials
  • Course scope and sequence
  • Modification of assessments for students with documented special needs
  • Testing
  • Grading and reviewing Turnitin results for Plagiarism

Teachers proactively monitor each student’s progress using our Student Information System (Genius), Learning Management System (Canvas) and through regular contact via email or SIS/LMS messaging.


CHS Teachers will uphold academic integrity in their classroom by:
  • Acting as a resource for student questions
  • Submitting various assignments in the plagiarism detection tool
  • Submitting CHS academic integrity incidents when applicable
  • Participating in required trainings or staff development
  • Including academic integrity resources on announcement pages and in welcome calls

The 5 Pillars of Academic Integrity

Honesty is the foundation of good academic work.  CHS is committed to both academic excellence and the integrity of others work.  Watch the video below for a preview on academic integrity.

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