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Citizens High School Partners

Citizens High School provides our partner schools and organizations with a multitude of services, including a regionally and nationally accredited curriculum, academic support services, and full access to our SIS and LMS systems. If you are interested in becoming a partner school with Citizens, we encourage you to begin by reading this testimony from Abbie White-Thomas, a partner of ours for more than 20 years! 

Abbie’s School

Abbie’s School is a homeschool cooperative with 30 students on the island of Culebra. Here is a  letter written to Citizens by Abbie in September of 2020. 

Program: Offline
Culebra, Puerto Rico

Abbie’s School Testimonials 

Alta Tech Academy

Alta Tech Academy is a medical career training academy that prepares students for careers in Home, Health, and Certified Nurse Assistant positions.

Program: Online, Offline
Westminster, California

Horizon Education Center

Horizon Education Center is a private learning center in Turkey that provides students with academic assistance and college preparatory courses.

Program: Online
Ankara, Turkey

ipc International

ipc International is an online high school in Japan, established to give students a chance to build their own curriculum and become who they want to be.

Program: Online

LAN Academy

The LAN Academy, which started in 2014 as the main project of  LAN Team Solutions (LTS), was created to meet the ever-growing demand for STEM programming.

Program: Online

Monterey Bay Educational Center

The Monterey Bay Educational Center operates as an educational brokerage house for independent study programs that meets the needs of students from 6th through 12th grade.

Program: Offline
Monterey, California

Nepal Pilot Program

The Nepal Pilot Program is a campaign to bring online education to the country of Nepal. The initiative launches in early 2021 with a group of 50 students.

Program: Online
Kathmandu, Nepal

Reflecting Freedom Network

Reflecting Freedom Network is a community of individuals committed to building public/private sector partnerships to promote economic and social justice through education, career development and innovative skills training opportunities. 

South Gibson High School

The South Gibson School Corporation is the largest of the three public school governing institutions covered in Gibson County, Indiana.

Program: Online
Fort Branch, Indiana

Valley Forge Military Academy

Established in 1928, Valley Forge Military Academy is an independent, private, college preparatory school for students in grades 7th through 12th.

Program: Online
Wayne, Pennsylvania

Job Corps Partnerships

CHS provides online learning for some Job Corps locations and is available to team up with others. Follow this link to Citizens Education, Inc, to learn more.

Program: Online

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