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"Receiving my diploma was not only important for my progression in life, but also for me to become a United States Marine. Semper Fi"
Turrell Crooks
CHS Graduate

A One-Stop, Complete ASVAB Prep Course

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This No-Cost Course Will Equip Your Recruits to Take and Pass the ASVAB

What’s Included

A Series of Lessons On:

  • What is the ASVAB
  • Study Practices for Getting a High Score On the ASVAB
  • Jobs in the Military and Your ASVAB Scores
  • Where to Take the Test
  • Earn High School Credit for the ASVAB Course
  • The Nine ASVAB Sub-Tests
  • Online ASVAB Study Classes
  • Guided ASVAB Practice Tests and Videos
  • Duran Learning’s All-Access ASVAB Program

Watch & Learn

  • Bite-sized information lessons
  • Engaging Content
  • Realistic practice quizzes
  • Video Solution to Math Problems
  • Guided Practice Videos
  • Specific ASVAB Subtest Practice
  • Multiple Lesson and Video Library

Review the ASVAB Course And See For Yourself