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"Receiving my diploma was not only important for my progression in life, but also for me to become a United States Marine. Semper Fi"
Turrell Crooks
CHS Graduate

For speaking to high school counselors, pitch the "Rise Out Don’t Drop Out” High School Completion Pathway to Join the U.S. Military

CHS’s “Rise Out Don’t Drop Out” is a high school completion pathway being offered to support Adult High School Dropouts and current High School Student who become “aged out” (too old to complete high school on time) and students that are at serious risks for dropping out because they are not making serious progress toward graduating from high school.

CHS’s Career High School Diploma requires 18 high school credits. Many high school dropouts withdraw from high school in the 11th and 12th grade but have already earned around 14+ high school credits before they leave high school. The “Rise Out Don’t Drop Out” pathway provides an in-reach, 18 credits, Tier 1, Regionally accredited high school diploma with a shortened  pathways to High School graduation and a chance to re-engage or re-connect to an “in-reach “graduation goal and a possible start on a life changing pathway in the military.

Adult Students

Many students who leave high school do not leave because they did not have the capability to learn—many leave to help support the family’s economy, to become a parent, are bored or for other reasons.  The adults that have been out of high school for several years, are now older and more mature—they now have a different life-realization, and some want to make a life change.  They see the military as a great opportunity to change their life track—gain their HS Diploma—receive a sizable military bonus and enjoy the additional benefits that come with being in the U.S. Military.

Aged-Out Students

Aged Out Students, who are considered too old to continue their studies in the public high school system, must find a different pathway to complete their high school diploma.  Depending on their life circumstances, many of these students may choose to “fast track” their high school diploma and enlist in the U.S. Military.

At-Risk Students

Most At Risk kids realize they are not on track to graduate on time by the 10th or 11th grade and they are one or two grade years behind and a year or two older than their conventional peers. These students are not looking for a 2nd chance at Algebra 1, but just a second chance.  They need a different pathway to rise out, so they won’t drop out. Depending on their life circumstances, some of these students may choose to “fast track” their high school diploma and enlist in the U.S. Military.

The 18-Credit Career Diploma

CHS is a Tier 1, Regionally and Nationally Accredited High School

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The Career Diploma requires a student to complete the following 18 credits:

                                        4 English                        1 Life Skill        

                                        2 Math                           1 Career Skill

                                        1 Science                       8 Electives

                                        1 Social Science

It does not matter if the non-high school graduate is an Adult, Aged Out, or At-Risk student, CHS Admissions Specialist works with the student to provide the most direct pathway to complete their high school diploma and enlist in the U.S. Military service branch of choice.  CHS does this by:

  1. Awarding the student as much transfer credit as possible.
  2. Providing an 18 credit Tier 1 diploma which is 4 courses less that most state high school mandatory requirement of 22 credit. This brings the student closer to their “in-reach” graduation timeline.
  3. Provide the student (at no cost) with the opportunity to test out of either ½ or 1 credit courses that can also shorten the student’s “in-reach” graduation timeline.
  4. Provide the student with complete self-study guides to any of the CHS test out courses.
  5. Any student can earn an additional ½ credit by passing the ASVAB examination with a score of 31 points or above.
  6. CHS tailors all elective courses to meet the interest needs of the student.

Barriers: Time & Money

There are several “barriers” to these adult learners that CHS has tried to eliminate or reduce:

  1. Time to degree completion and enlistment in the U.S. Military.


CHS provides every opportunity for the student to reduce their time to graduation and entrance into the U.S. Military.  Once a student become a senior in good standing at CHS, the student is eligible to enlist in the U.S. Military under the Delayed Entry Program.  As a senior with only 4 1/2 credits left to complete, of which ½ credit can be earned by passing the ASVAB examination with a score of 31 points or better and additional credits can be earned by testing out of specific courses, CHS believe that the remaining credits can be earned in 2 to 6 months depending on the student’s motivation and life situation. 

  1. CHS “fast track” Career High School Diploma is also affordable.


Another significant barrier is the cost to complete most high school diplomas.  CHS has reduced the cost to a non-high school graduate by accepting as much transfer credit as possible and providing no and low-cost credit earning pricing for the remaining courses that a student may need to complete their graduation requirements.

Below are several examples of the cost to graduate based on two different pacing tracks:

The above High School Diploma to Military Enlistment Pathway is presented not to draw successful students away from the Public High School System but to offer an alternative pathway to those students who have already dropped out and to those students ,where if something is not done very soon, these students will very likely end up as a high school dropout. 

High School Counselor FAQ

Can CHS credit transfer to the local high school and count towards the student’s diploma?

CHS is regionally, nationally and NCAA, accredited and the receiving high school can agree to accept these transfer credits and apply them toward the local high school’s diploma requirements.

If a student transfers to CHS, does it hurt the local school’s graduation record.

Because CHS is also an accredited high school, a transferring student is not considered as a dropout, but as a transferring student to another school.

Can any high school students that are military dependents of active-duty military use at “no-cost?”

Any dependent of active duty U.S. Military and their Families can use’s online Tutoring and Homework Help, 24/7 at no-cost.

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