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"Receiving my diploma was not only important for my progression in life, but also for me to become a United States Marine. Semper Fi"
Turrell Crooks
CHS Graduate

How Your Recruit Can Fund Their Education Bridge

Many of the adult high school dropout student who have a desire to earn their high school diploma and joint the U.S. Military may also be financially strapped to pay for their high school diploma bridge program. Although CHS is working hard to provide multiple scholarships to these deserving patriots, it will be difficult for many without scholarships to figure out how to pay for their bridge program. Below are some of their options:

The U.S. Navy is currently providing a $500 scholarship to any high school dropout that meets the following qualifications:

  • Needs 5 courses or less to complete their high school career diploma with Citizens High School
  • Meets all Navy’s physical, administrative and legal qualifications to become a recruit
  • Meets the required ASVAB qualifications score
  • Be an active student and CHS and agree to complete all academic requirements within 5 month of starting their first class
  • Sign a Delayed Entry Program contract


Once these qualifications are met, the recruit will receive a full high school bridge scholarship

Depending on how many credits your recruit needs, the student’s motivation and the student’s life situation will determine how long it will take the student to complete and the total cost of their bridge program.  Students can chose to take one course at a time at $99 per month or two course at a time at $149 per month.

Self-Pay options could include:  (think outside the Box to find the funds)

  • The student pays out of their own funds
  • Ask family to help support their education effort
  • Ask your Community or Church.  Many community organizations and churches have outreach program for members who need help and serve their country.

Many employers offer education benefits to employees. Your recruit should ask their employer what they offer. If they don’t have a program, ask them anyway. Here’s a link to sample letters.

Invite people to contribute to your recruit’s goal of joining the military. These websites can get them started: GoFundMe, Spotfund, FundRazr, Fundly