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Learning online through Directed Reading High School Courses

Reading for Knowledge and Enjoyment?

What if you had the power to choose the topic you wanted to learn about and then choose the books to read on the topic?  At Citizens High School we have developed dozens of online high school courses in diverse topics where you can chose the books that you want to read about.  However the choices do not stop there, find out below all you can do with Citizens High School directed reading courses.

Choose Your Directed Reading Topic

At CHS we have developed dozens of unique online high school courses that are completed wrapped around the concept of Directed Reading.  From African-Americans in Sports to Christian Philosophy, if there are books on the topic, we can develop a course on it.  Below is a list of current courses that we have available has Directed Reading Courses.  If you do not see a topic here that interests you but you have an idea for one, please complete the request form below and we will build the course for you.

offline high school courses
African-Americans in SportsAfrican-Americans in CultureAfrican-Americans and the Civil Rights MovementAfrican-Americans and U.S. HistoryAfrican-Americans in the Civil War
African-Americans in the Modern DaySlavery and Reconstruction in the U.S.Parent and Child DevelopmentBible and EthicsBiblical History
Old TestamentNew TestamentChristian PhilosophyPaul’s EpistlesThe Life of Jesus
The PentateuchWorld Religions   

Choose Your Own Directed Reading Books

Once you are enrolled in the course, you will first need to select four books on the topic to read.  The books should be around 300 pages on average.  If you need assistance on finding a book you can always message the instructor for assistance.  Additionally, below are some links where you can access free e-books.




Choose Your Directed Reading Assignment

You have chosen your topic, you have chosen your books, so naturally you should be able to choose your assignment.  At the end of each book you will have three different ways in which you can express your knowledge that you have gained from the book.

  1. You can complete a writing assessment where you answer 5-6 essay questions.
  2. Create a 3-5 minute video discussing the book and key points
  3. Is an open assignment where you can come up with a project idea and submit the idea to the teacher for approval and then work on the project as the assignment. 

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