Biblical Studies Academy

The Biblical Studies Academy at Citizens Online High School will equip you to interpret the Bible for yourself and others- both as a historical text and as a contextual exploration of religious scripture. This pathway is available in an online setting, which gives you the flexibility of completing assignments on your schedule. This academy not only allows you to understand and study the Bible, but it also provides the foundation for students looking to move on to further studies in seminary, bible college, or for personal spiritual development.

Citizens Online High School’s regionally accredited online Biblical Studies pathway is designed for students and adults who have an interest in studying and teaching the Bible with confidence. By taking courses in this pathway students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate mastery of the history, themes, and content of Biblical text
  • Apply theology and philosophy to outreach to individuals
  • Apply theology and philosophy to outreach to individuals
  • Develop a plan to grow spiritually through acts of service and outreach
  • Have greater confidence in their understanding of Scripture in order to discuss Biblical teachings with others

Students can use the Biblical Studies pathway to supplement their standard core courses while tailoring their education to fit their life experiences by learning more about scripture. Monthly tuition of just $49 per month/per course plus $10 registration fee at time of enrollment makes the CHS Biblical Studies Academy one of the most affordable courses available of its kind.

Choose Your Own Biblical Curriculum

Learn scripture from the Bible and the books YOU choose. Students choose the assignments that they want to complete for each module. Other benefits include:

  • Flexible pacing that allows courses to be completed anywhere between two months and one year
  • One-on- one interaction with course instructors to further solidify learning and understanding of subject material.
  • Study as an individual or as a group
  • Mobile-friendly platform
Biblical Studies

What is Biblical Studies Directed Reading?

The Biblical Studies courses are designed using a directed reading model. Directed reading is a course in which the student and/or the faculty member select books on specific topics which the student then reads and completes projects directly related to those books’ subject matter.

Courses can take anywhere between The course can take anywhere between two months to one year to complete depending on how often the student reads. For instance, a student could read one book every three months and after a year would earn credit for the class. Or, a student may choose to read one book each month to earn credit in just 16 weeks.

Another benefit of using the directed reading model is that if a student wants to explore a different subject matter they only need to email the faculty member a description of what they want to learn about, or hit the Request A Course link, and a new course is tailor-made for the student. As well, students not only get to choose what they want to read, but also what kinds of assignments they would like to complete. Each directed reading activity gives the student a variety of options ranging from writing assignments, to producing a video, or creating a podcast as potential ways in which students can demonstrate their knowledge of selected topics.

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