Biblical Studies: Online elective course pathway for students wanting to expand their knowledge about the Bible and its teachings

Reasons why the CHS Biblical elective courses are right for you:

  • You are searching for Bible courses that fits your religious beliefs and goals
  • You need your diploma to attend a seminary or Bible college
  • You want to study the Bible at your own pace
  • You need an alternative method to study the Bible while earning your diploma
  • You have questions about God and religion and want to study independently
  • You cannot congregate with your church but still desire to study
  • You want to study religious content that you choose
  • You want to study the Bible for personal spiritual development
  • You are an adult missionary and want to control your study schedule
  • You want to study religion on your own terms without any peer pressure
  • You are struggling in a traditional church room setting
  • You are lacking the education to become a military chaplain

CHS Online Biblical Studies Academy Advantages

  • Choose from an extensive list of Accredited Biblical Studies Electives to better prepare you for your future in theology.
  • Learn from subject matter and religious content that you choose.
  • State Certified Teachers are there to guide, assist and encourage you at every step of your studies. You are never allowed to struggle or lose focus, you will succeed.
  • Regionally and Nationally Accredited Diploma Program specifically designed so you can enroll with a seminary, Bible college, or become a military chaplain.
  • Study at your own pace, on your terms in your own surroundings.
  • Receive credit for previous courses you completed at your local church or high school allowing you to take only the credits necessary.
  • Study on any laptop or tablet of choice, CHS will also provide you with a learning app which you can download.


Bibilical Studies Academy Courses

In this directed reading course students examine the books that make up the Old Testament and will examine through their historical and religious context. The course will break down the course into four major components: the Pentateuch, the historical books with the books of poetry and wisdom, the major prophets, and the minor prophets. The course will not only examine the word of God, but will also look at the historical events that were playing out during that time.

In this directed reading course students examine the books that make up the New Testament and will examine through their historical and religious context. The course will break down the course into four major components: the Gospels, Acts, Paul’s Epistles, and General Epistles with Revelations. The course will not only examine the word of God but will also look at the historical events that were playing out during that time.

In this directed reading course students examine the major Christian philosophers throughout the history of time. This course will examine the philosophers of early Christianity such as Tertullian, to the philosophers of the Renaissance and Reformation such as Martin Luther, all the way to modern Christian philosophers such as C.S. Lewis. This course will introduce to students to some of major ideas and discussion points that have surrounded the Christian religion for centuries. Students will be able to understand the importance of philosophical thinking, and develop critical thinking skills that they will be able to apply throughout their life.

What is religion? What purposes does religion serve? Throughout history, religion has played an important role in shaping the ways that humans understand the world around them and in the organization of different societies.

In this directed reading course students examine the major religions that are currently recognized across the globe. Students will gain exposure to religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism. Students will learn about the core beliefs of the different religions, the history of the religion, and the traditions and practices of each religion. This course is designed to promote an understanding of all the major religions, and the impacts that it has on individual lives.

In this directed reading course students examine the 13 letters that Paul wrote to early Christians and the early churches that were springing up in the Middle East during the first century. Students will examine each of the letters and the reasoning behind each of Paul’s writings. This course will additionally examine the life of Paul from his persecution of Christians, to his convert to Christianity, and his ministry. Students will also be able to apply the teachings of Paul and how it impacts their daily life and society as a whole.

In this directed reading course students examine the life of Jesus Christ from his miraculous virgin birth to his ministry throughout the Holy Land, and finally his crucifixion and resurrection. Students will not only read about the life of Christ and his ministry but will also look at the social and historical events at the time and how it impacted his life and ministry. Finally, students will be able to show how the sermons and parables of Jesus helped shape the foundations of the Christian religion and how individuals today are able to apply them in their own lives.

In this directed reading course students examine the first five books of the Old Testament which collectively make up the Pentateuch or the Torah as it is known in the Hebrew Bible. Students will examine major events such as the Creation, Noah’s Ark, fleeing of Egypt, Ten Commandments, and the journey to Israel. Students will examine how the Pentateuch provides the foundational bedrock for both Christianity and Judaism. Students will be able to put events and religious practices into historical context as well.

In this directed reading course students examine the historical events that occurred in the Middle East and surrounding areas during the timeframe in which the Bible is written. This course will start with historical events from 1450BC to around 100AD. This course is designed as a history class with the purpose of informing students of the historical and cultural events that may have impacted the different authors writings as well as impacted events described in the Bible. Students will be able to cross-reference Biblical historical events with the readings in this course.

In this directed reading course students examine the theological and philosophical background for Christian ethics and its Biblical background. Students will understand the basis for the Christian ethics and then be able to apply them to current ethical issues that surround society and the Church. Finally, the student must be able to communicate their own personal belief on the matter and how it corresponds to the Bible’s teachings on the matter.

This course provides students with skills and information to enable them to grow in their spiritual walk and become closer to God. Emphasis is placed on personal growth through devotionals, accountability, and worship as well as through outreach and witnessing through fellowship, service, and discipleship.

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Online Courses & Diploma Programs

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Online Individual Courses

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  • Transfer credit to your local high school.
  • 4,8,16-weeks program, or take up to a year to complete
  • Self-paced, take your time or accelerate your learning
  • Monthly tuition ends when your individual course is completed
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Diploma for College | 24 Credits

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  • Most courses available in English or Spanish
  • Must complete 25% of the credits with COHS to earn diploma

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More about our Biblical Studies elective courses

Biblical Studies

What is Biblical Studies Directed Reading?

The Biblical Studies courses are designed using a directed reading model. Directed reading is a course in which the student and/or the faculty member select books on specific topics which the student then reads and completes projects directly related to those books’ subject matter.

Courses can take anywhere between two months to one year to complete depending on how often the student reads. For instance, a student could read one book every three months and after a year would earn credit for the class. Or, a student may choose to read one book each month to earn credit in just 16 weeks.

Another benefit of using the directed reading model is that if a student wants to explore a different subject matter they only need to email the faculty member a description of what they want to learn about, or hit the Request A Course link, and a new course is tailor-made for the student. As well, students not only get to choose what they want to read, but also what kinds of assignments they would like to complete. Each directed reading activity gives the student a variety of options ranging from writing assignments, to producing a video, or creating a podcast as potential ways in which students can demonstrate their knowledge of selected topics.


No, you can just take individual courses and then transfer those credits that you have earned to your local school or add them to your homeschool portfolio.

You can enroll with COHS at any time. Just click on the Enroll Now button at the top of he screen. 

Students can sign up for up to 6 individual courses at a time. However, CHS suggests no more than three courses if you are currently a full time student or working full time or part time.

Once assignments are received by your instructor they have 24 hours to action your assignment and post the results.

Fill out the CHS Guaranteed Transfer Credit Form and present it to your school counselor. Once they approve the Guaranteed Transfer, the counselor will email the document to Citizens Administration Office (request the counselor provide you with a copy) and the CHS will set up the automatic transcript request to be sent once you have completed the course and received a final grade. Learn more here

Once assignments are received at CHS, we upload and send your assignments to your instructor within 48 hours. From there, your instructor has 48 hours to grade and complete the submission. CHS will then return your assignment within 48 hours.

Yes, studying at CHS is flexible and geared toward your satisfaction and success. If you wish to switch to another program just contact Student Services directly at : or call us at 1-866-955-8798.

For best performance, you should access your courses with a computer that supports the most recent browser versions.  It is recommended to use a computer five years old or newer with at least 1GB of RAM.  You can also access your courses with the Canvas Student app.  The Canvas Student app can be easily downloaded from your App Store.  For parents, there is also the Canvas Parent App which allows you to track your student’s progress, see their current grades, and communicate with the teacher. Learn more here.

Our classes are designed to be completed in 16 weeks. Which means you will complete one lesson per week. However, in our self-paced model, if you want to accelerate your pace, it is possible to complete a course in a month. Each of our lessons are engaging and interactive. See for yourself in our course demo.

Yes. All teachers at COHS are state certified.

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