African-American Studies

The African-American Studies Program examines the experiences, history, and culture of people of African descent in North American countries. Our courses explore the innovative, complex, and distinctive social structures and cultural traditions that African-Americans have created. Our growing number of elective courses provide an engaging and flexible curriculum to students which allows them the academic freedom to explore the history and culture of a unique population.

Through innovative course design, the African-American Studies Program offers 12 electives that are proven to strengthen the educational connections for young African-American students, their families, and communities. Through project-based learning, experiential learning, and varied assessments students will learn, apply, and demonstrate knowledge of the African-American society.

Students can use the African-American Studies pathway to supplement their standard core courses while tailoring their education to fit their life experiences by learning more about the history, culture, and experiences of African-Americans.

What’s a Directed Reading Course?

The African-American Studies courses are designed using a directed reading model. Directed reading is a class in which the student and/or the faculty member select books on specific topics which the student then reads and completes projects directly applicable to the book and its subject matter.

The course can take anywhere between two months to one year to complete depending on how often the student chooses to read. For instance, students could read one book every three months, which would allow them to earn credit in just one year’s time. Or, students could read one book each month to complete the course and earn credit in as few as 16 weeks.

Another benefit of using the directed reading model is that if a student wants to explore different subject matter, they only need to email the faculty member a description of what they want to learn about, or hit the Request A Course link below, and a new course is tailor-made for the student.

African American Studies

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