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African American Studies

African American Studies: Online courses helping students to gain knowledge and understanding of the history, culture, and political issues of African-descended people in the United States

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Reasons why the CHS African-American elective courses are right for you:

CHS African-American Elective courses at a glance

  • Engaging lessons designed by subject matter experts to better provide you with a solid academic foundation
  • Lessons allow students to navigate principle impactful events and moments in black history
  • Learn from validated authors who have lived the movement to gain a perspective of African American history
  • Focus on selected individuals who have shaped and been shaped by modern African American struggles for freedom and justice
  • Travel back in time with the authors and see the world of injustice, struggle, racism and deliberation
  • Study at your own pace and on your own terms with 24/7 access to courses
  • All online course electives are accredited, taught by state certified teachers who are available to assist, and to help you succeed
  • Easy transfer of credits earned back to your own high school

African-American Studies Courses

African-Americans and the Civil Rights Movement: After nearly one hundred years of struggling for equal rights, with progress and backlash becoming the cycle that African Americans had both learned to live with and fear in equal measure, the time had finally come. The civil rights movement, after the efforts of the NAACP in the courts during the 1930s and small steps toward desegregation during World War 2, had reached a point where real change could happen. But how would it happen—and what would be the result? If you’ve ever heard of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr., the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the lunch counter sit-ins, this is that chapter in the incredible history of African Americans.

In this directed reading course, students examine the history of the Civil Rights Movement. The course introduces the origins, development, and legacies of the African American civil rights and black movement in America focusing primarily on the period between 1945 and 1980. Additionally, the course will examine the current status of the Civil Rights Movement in modern-day America.

Benefits of Our Classes Include:
  • Recognize the key players in the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Unlimited practice and retests
  • Visual and video samples for continuous access to step by step guided lessons
  • Caring, patient and accessible instructors to help identify and support mastery 

African-Americans and U.S. History: Every great legendary figure finds power in the origin story, the story of where a person or group came from. Even a civilization finds power in understanding its roots, whether that story comes with pain or triumph or both. 

In this directed reading course, students examine the understudied history of African Americans and the impact they have made in American society. The first part of the course presents the rise of the slave trade and the suffering of slaves up to the Civil War. The second part of the course covers Reconstruction, Jim Crow laws, achievements and innovations by African American artists and scientists, the Civil Rights Movements, and the Obama presidency.

Over the course of U.S. history, how have African Americans helped shaped American culture? This African American History course answers that question by tracing the accomplishments and obstacles of African Americans beginning with the slave trade on up to the modern Civil Rights movement. What was it like during slavery, or after emancipation, or during the years of discrimination under Jim Crow? Who were some of the main figures who have shaped African American history? In this course, you’ll learn about the political, economic, social, religious, and cultural factors that have influenced African American life, come face to face with individuals who changed the course of history, and explore how the African American story still influences current events today.

Benefits of Our Classes Include:
  • Unlimited practice and retests
  • Visual and video samples for continuous access to step by step guided lessons
  • Learn important historical contributions of African Americans
  • Caring, patient and accessible instructors to support mastery 

African-Americans in Sports: In this directed reading course, students examine the impact that African-American athletes have had on their sport, race relations, and culture as a whole.  Students will follow the historical paths of African-American athletes during the time of segregation, as well as the breakthrough of athletes in both professional and collegiate sports.  From there, the course will look at the expansion of roles for African-Americans in sports such as coaches, administrative roles, and ownership.  Finally, the student will examine some current issues facing African-American athletes and the voices that are shaping those issues.

African-Americans in the Civil War: In this directed reading course, students examine the impact of the Civil War and Reconstruction on African-Americans. Students will analyze the political, social, and economic transformation of the Union, review the policies of Lincoln and Johnson presidencies, the evolution of federal policies of Unionist loyalty and slave emancipation, the development of Union military leadership, and the tragically unsuccessful post-war attempt to provide justice to the African American people.

African-Americans in the Modern Day: In this directed reading course, students examine the impact and contributions of African Americans in the modern day. This course presents the build-up to today’s pop culture (music and film industries) and view the impact that it has among all age groups. Students will review the African American artist making the largest impact such as Spike Lee, Denzel Washington, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Beyonce, Kanye West, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, and John Legend.

African-Americans in Culture: In this directed reading course, students examine the development of literature and jazz in the African American culture. This course presents various rich and diverse works of literature throughout African American history. Some of the authors include Maya Angelou, W.E.B. DuBois, James Baldwin, Alice Walker, Toni Morrison, and Alex Haley.  

Students will examine the historical impact and contribution of jazz music to society. The course will create awareness of the social, geographical, and cultural contributions that were made through the development of jazz music. Students will study some of the major innovators of jazz music such as Miles Davis, Louie Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and John Coltrane. This course will also expose students to various styles of jazz music.

Benefits of Our Classes Include:
  • Unlimited practice and retests
  • Visual and video samples for continuous access to step by step guided lessons
  • Learn about the lives of some of the world’s greatest musicians and authors
  • Investigate the development of jazz music and its influence on other genres.
  • Caring, patient and accessible instructors to support mastery of concepts

African-Americans in Sociology: Theory and research of African American sociologists in the historical, social, and political context of American sociology. Relation of their work to the African American experience and its reception and impact in the public policy arena.

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More about our African-American Studies elective courses

The African-American Studies Program examines the experiences, history, and culture of people of African descent in North American countries. Our courses explore the innovative, complex, and distinctive social structures and cultural traditions that African-Americans have created. Our growing number of elective courses provide an engaging and flexible curriculum to students which allows them the academic freedom to explore the history and culture of a unique population.

Through innovative course design, the African-American Studies Program offers 7 electives that are proven to strengthen the educational connections for young African-American students, their families, and communities. Through project-based learning, experiential learning, and varied assessments students will learn, apply, and demonstrate knowledge of the African-American society.

Students can use the African-American Studies course by supplementing their education to fit their life experiences by understanding the culture, background, and knowledge of African-Americans.

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