International Transfer

Transfer the Credits You Already Earned!

Just because you are enrolling in an American school should not mean you have to restart.

CHS accepts most international credits

When provided with an official transcript from your previous school(s)

CHS will reward credit for up to 75% of the required diploma credits.

Start Today, Get Transcripts as you go

If you are having trouble obtaining your official or unofficial transcript, you may still enroll and immediately start taking classes at CHS. We can evaluate your grade level completed and let you know what courses to take while you wait for your transcript to arrive.

Below we provide you a simple step-by-step process to transfer your credits.

Use Country Study to see What to Take

Not sure which courses you should sign up for? Using our country studies below you can match the grade level you are currently in with the courses we recommend for that year.

These countries studies are based on what the average student takes from each of their respective countries.

How to Get Started

No one should ever have to wait to start learning or have to go through a complex and expensive process to receive credit for what they have already done. Just follow our simple 3-step process and you can start working towards your U.S. diploma. 

Step One: Enroll in either the 18-Credit Career Diploma or 24-credit College Prep Diploma

Step Two: Order your official transcript from your previous school(s) and have it sent to CHS by either mail or email (addresses below)

Step Three: In the Orientation course, tell us in English which courses you have completed

To find out more information, either use the live chat button in the bottom right corner or email us at