Online Education Pioneer Debuts New Model for Home Learning

Innovative system includes High School Academies in African-American Studies, Young Parents, Espanol and Homeschool Administration.

Fleming Island, Fl, May 15, 2020 – The innovative Citizens High School today announced the launch of a new range of regionally accredited high school elective courses to be available globally.  

Citizens feature over 150 tailored core and elective courses that can support any general or academic high school diploma and pathways such as Life Skills, Cooking, African American Studies, Young Parent Courses, Military Studies, Biblical Studies, Women studies as well as core academic courses in Math, English, Science, and Humanities.

This is the first academic product launch since Dr. Jim Etter, the Founder of American Military University and American Public University took ownership in July 2017. “Our education team has done an outstanding job in developing a range of high school products and services that closely touch the lives of students and helps them gain the social mobility they seek through educational achievement” said CEO Dr. Etter

Dr. Jim Etter is no stranger to shaping massive disruption in education systems. He launched the American Military University from his basement in 1993 with 18 students by leveraging an unknown but emerging communication network called the internet. Today the University system is one of the largest online university systems in the world with over seventy thousand students.

“We obviously had no idea that nearly every student in the world would be experiencing some form of distance learning when we commenced our realignment strategy to create a global online “omnidirectional” learning platform that delivers real world learning, taking its shape in relation to the needs of the learner” said Dr. Etter, responding to the timing of today’s  announcement and the uncertainty of when school campuses will reopen.  

Citizens High School is a subsidiary of Citizens Education Inc.(CEI), an EdTech conglomerate founded by Dr. Jim Etter in 2012.  Citizens High School was started in 1981 in Atlanta, Ga, and has enrolled over 25,000 students in four decades. In May 2020, Citizens partnered with Valley Forge Military Academy to launch Valley Forge Online Military Academy.   CEI conducts other education programs in Nepal, Turkey and Puerto Rico.

CEI is working with Reflecting Freedom Network in the creation of a one-of-kind academy designed to bring web-based access to accredited education, job skills training and career development opportunities for returning citizens, their families and youth at-risk. These services, soon to be released,  will be available to community organizations, companies that hire returning citizens and correctional facilities, including correctional staff members and their families. 

“Everything is coming together all at once for our organization and the timing could not be better for us to engage and help what appears to be a global education system on the threshold of massive disruption”, continues Etter, “our focus is and will continue to be on delivering the highest quality accredited education available. We will do so as a platform solution for schools, districts, student groups as well as the individual learner.” 

When asked what the future holds for changes in education systems, Etter replies “We must use the current circumstances to address income inequality and the widening achievement gap. The world is not quite ready to adopt a free education system as faculty-led programming is too critical to ensure success. We’re witnessing that right now as a by-product of the current situation. What we can achieve is making access to high quality instruction affordable for everyone. We must also focus our attention on helping parents prepare their children to enter school. That’s what our Teen Parent academy is all about – educate parents to educate their children in early development and prepare them for a life of learning. When we accomplish that at scale, we will have done something truly special that can change our world for the better”. 

About Citizens High School

Citizens High School is a private for-profit online high school and one of the oldest actively accredited distance education high schools in the United States. The school is regionally accredited by the Middle States Association and is nationally accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Council.  Citizens’ High School has provided thousands of students with learning and career pathways, leading them to social and economic stability.

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