Citizens High School to Work with U.S. Navy Recruiting Command to Create Pipeline for Non-High School Graduates

The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

The appearance of DoD visual information does not constitute or imply endorsement.

Citizens High School to Work with U.S. Navy Recruiting Command to Create Pipeline for Non-High School Graduates

CHS is dedicated to addressing the ongoing military recruiting crisis

FLEMING ISLAND, FL, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2024 / — Citizens High School (CHS) today announced a new collaboration with the U.S. Navy recruiting command to provide a low-cost pathway for non-high school graduates to enlist in the Navy.

Most adult high school dropouts are not looking for a second chance at Algebra I, but just a second chance. Each of the U.S. Navy’s 860 recruiting stations receives several inquiries every month from adult high school dropouts who want to join the Navy but find out they need a high school diploma to join. This collaboration allows recruiters to show these potential recruits a “fast track bridge “pathway to a high school diploma and enlistment in the U.S. Navy.

In line with its mission to address the recruiting crisis, CHS recently partnered with Duran Learning, an ASVAB preparation company that has been increasing test takers’ scores for over seven years. Together, they are offering a fully featured, online ASVAB prep course at no cost to anyone who wants to improve their score.

“The military recruiting crisis is a national security issue,” says Marine veteran Jim Etter, CEO at Citizens High School, and Founder of American Military University. “Military recruiting is facing a shortage of recruits due to the shrinking pool of qualified high school graduates who want to join the military. However, many recruiters are instructed to not engage with high school dropouts. If every recruiting station in the country enlisted even a few dropouts after having earned their diploma, the military could add over 10,000 recruits every year. This high school “bridge” program expands the pool of eligible high school graduates to enter the military.”

Among the reasons that young people may be ineligible for military service, like obesity or drug abuse, CHS feels that the lack of a high school diploma should not stop an individual who wants to serve their country. That is why CHS is working with the Navy Recruiting Command to help the thousands of non-high school graduates seeking to join the Navy each month. These patriots only need a few courses to complete their diploma and join the U.S. Navy.

“Change a life. Change the Military. Change our Country.” — Jim Etter, USMC (Ret.)

To learn more about Citizens High School’s collaboration with the U.S. Navy, or to request an interview with CHS CEO Jim Etter, please contact

About Citizens High School: Citizens High School is a Tier 1, fully accredited online high school. CHS is designed to provide a full high school diploma, and not an equivalency or certificate. CHS is Accredited through the Middle States Association Commission of Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSACESS) and the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).

CHS Pathway to the U.S. Military Video
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