Military Career Benefits: What Do You Get from Service? 

Military recruiting crisis

Joining the military is a life-changing decision. For those who enlist, the benefits are powerful. Service members enjoy steady paychecks, job training, and college tuition assistance. Military service also provides a sense of community and the opportunity to serve one’s country while developing leadership skills. 

Are you a high schooler who’s curious about a military career? In the sections below, we’ll offer a quick review of military career paths and highlight the most exciting benefits that the military offers to service members. 

Understanding Military Career Paths

Future service members begin their military careers by choosing which branch to join. The six branches of the US military include: 

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Marine Corps
  • Air Force
  • Coast Guard
  • Space Force

Each branch has a unique identity and provides a great fit for certain applicants. For example, the Army has bases all over the world, perfect for individuals who want to experience life in different countries. Meanwhile, the Navy is ideal for ocean lovers and the Air Force is a good match for young people who want to work with advanced technology. 

Eligibility requirements vary across branches. Applicants must take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test, and each branch has its own score requirement. Additionally, with limited exceptions, a high school diploma is a common requirement for all military applicants. 

During or after serving in the military, service members receive tuition assistance to further their careers by earning a college degree. 

Military service may last for a few years, or much longer. Either way, service members enjoy lifelong benefits. 

The Military Recruiting Crisis

In recent years, fewer young Americans have chosen to join the military. Every branch is struggling to meet recruitment goals. For example, the Army had a goal of 65,000 new members for 2023 but only achieved 55,000. 

A military recruitment crisis is a national security issue. However, for young people who want to serve, there’s never been a better time than now. To improve recruitment numbers, military branches have loosened enrollment requirements and are offering expanded benefits, such as enlistment bonuses of up to $50,000

Military Careers: Benefits and Opportunities

Educational Benefits

A military career starts with a high school diploma. Military recruiters consider applicants with diplomas to be equipped with the discipline and basic education necessary for succeeding in uniform. 

A diploma also kickstarts the higher education opportunities that the military provides. With the help of the GI Bill and other military benefits, service members and veterans have access to funding and connections to continue their education with college degrees, advanced degrees, and job training programs. 

Skill Development and Career Advancement

Service members have the opportunity to progress within military ranks. Improving one’s rank involves goal-setting, hard work, and a sense of achievement with each promotion. 

Along with developing qualities like leadership, work ethic, and teamwork, service members build job skills that set the stage for successful careers. For example, jobs within the military include roles in STEM, medicine, cybersecurity, and aviation. Developing skills in these areas while in uniform sets veterans up for rewarding, high-paying careers. 

Pay and Benefits Packages 

Newly enlisted service members receive a base pay of around $1,900 per month, along with extra allowances and benefits. These include “special pay” for serving in certain locations or completing certain duties. 

The military also provides impressive benefits packages that may include healthcare, housing, and retirement plans. The longer you serve, the greater the opportunities for bonuses and expanded benefits. 

Lifestyle and Community

The military offers amazing opportunities for young Americans who want to see the world. The unique lifestyle of a service member may include a series of international postings, providing the chance to experience a variety of cultures. 

Meanwhile, military camaraderie forms lifelong bonds and a sense of community with countless Americans around the world. Many active-duty military members share their adventurous lifestyles with spouses and children, thanks to the military’s generous family support services. 

Leadership Opportunities

In the military, service members learn how to thrive within highly structured work environments. Many employers value the respect, dedication, and job skills that veterans bring to the table. Veterans also possess leadership skills that equip them for careers as business owners and entrepreneurs.

As of 2021, there are over 337,000 veteran-owned businesses in the US. Meanwhile, job-seeking veterans don’t have to search for long before finding a company that’s eager to hire an applicant who’s served in the military. 

Get a High School Diploma Online for a Rewarding Military Career

In the military, you can build the career of your dreams while serving your country. If you’re interested in a military career but don’t have your high school diploma yet, Citizens High School can help. To enroll in a cost-efficient virtual high school diploma program, visit our enrollment page today to get started. 

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