Homeschool For High School Students

Why homeschool with CHS? The answer is freedom. Our flexible curriculum is completely self-paced, which means you and your homeschooler have total control of his or her study schedule. But, as a year-round school, you won’t be required to follow a traditional school calendar. There are no standardized exit exams required for graduation. As a homeschool student, earning a CHS High School Diploma satisfies the requirements for many job applications and the prerequisites for a post-secondary education.

Any student can enroll to complete a MSAA-CESS AccreditedDEAC Accredited  Diploma program for Tier 1 academic certification. Your homeschooled students will always have access to CHS academic advisors and state-certified teachers while completing our flexible self-paced curriculum. Our programs require students to demonstrate the same skills and knowledge as other diploma programs, but at a pace suited for them. Upon completion, each student receives an accredited, state-recognized high school diploma.

Reasons to Consider CHS for a Homeschool Curriculum

All it takes to earn your high school diploma from CHS is hard work and a passing grade in the subjects required for completion.

  • Stay involved in your child's education
  • Provide one-on-one help with course material
  • Assist in creating valuable study habits
  • Add enthusiasm to your child’s learning experience
  • Conduct other educational activities during the school day such as field trips and online research
  • Choose your child's extracurricular activities

Based on your child's missing requirements, we will tailor a program to fit their specific needs to earn a high school diploma for your homeschooled student.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a homeschooled student need a high school diploma?

Earning a high school diploma is indicative of someone who is ready to tackle the academic challenges of college or trade school as well as someone who is better prepared to enter the job market or military service.

Can I take the GED equivalency exam to get into college?

Although the edge typically goes to students who hold a high school diploma, a GED, or certificate of completion for a high school equivalency exam, may satisfy entry requirements for a local community college. However, most four-year institutions prefer a high school transcript with a diploma or a transfer after completing junior college coursework.

How long does it take for diplomas for homeschool students?

While a traditional high school diploma takes up to four years to complete, CHS online and distance learning diploma programs allow you to study at your own pace. Homeschoolers who only need to complete a couple of courses to earn their diploma can choose a completion program with academic credit recovery.

When did CHS start providing home study programs?

Citizens' High School was founded in Atlanta, GA as a private, distance education school in 1981 and was accredited by the National Home Study Council in 1984. Today, we continue to offer innovative high school learning programs like our Diplomas for Homeschool Students.

Didn't the military start the GED equivalency exam?

Yes, the U.S. military developed the GED program during World War II. However, today different branches of the military prefer and accept individuals with a high school diploma (Tier 1) over those who pass a high school equivalency exam (Tier 2)?