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Five ways Citizens High School can help your students this summer

We have heard from a lot of high school counselors over the course of the last few school years. Most tell us the same things… their students’ grades are suffering due to the whirlwind that was COVID…from lockdowns to social distancing and masks in the classroom, it’s been tough on learning. Others are looking for services not offered at their schools, like IT courses, online credit recovery, and access to hundreds of courses for getting ahead or just having fun.

Citizens High School can help.

We are accredited, surprisingly low-cost, and have a staff who are dedicated to online education. Together, we can help lessen the impact and assist students in getting a great headstart this year!

Here's what we offer:

Fix a bad grade

Credit recovery is more important than ever this summer.

Certification Courses

Get certified, and get a leg up on the competition.

Adobe, Microsoft, and Google are the most important software platforms for professional and collegiate users. Get certified, get a job, get into college. 

Get tech savvy with IT Courses

Tech is so important these days, and an open door for high school students. We have everything from game design to programming to 3D modeling. 

Get ahead of the pack

Students who take summer school classes experience an average of 20% improvement in achievement in many subject areas. Take a class to keep up with your peers—or leap ahead. 

Have fun!

Too often, we forget school can be—and should be—fun! We have courses that kids will love to learn this summer! 

Want to sample a course?

Fingerprints. Blood spatter. DNA analysis. The world of law enforcement is increasingly making use of the techniques and knowledge from the sciences to better understand the crimes that are committed and to catch those individuals responsible for the crimes. Forensic science applies scientific knowledge to the criminal justice system. This course focuses on some of the techniques and practices used by forensic scientists during a crime scene investigation (CSI). Starting with how clues and data are recorded and preserved, the student will follow evidence trails until the CSI goes to trial, examining how various elements of the crime scene are analyzed and processed.

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Though Citizens is an Accredited High School and institutions around the country accept our course credits,  if you are concerned about your institutions accepting them, CHS offers a Transfer Credit form; click here to learn more.

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