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Learning can be about fun. Want to fly a drone? How about learning game design?

Remember, summer school doesn’t have to be academic. There are lots of courses in our catalog that are fun. Yes, learning can be fun. And a summer school course is a great time to explore something that you absolutely love—or something you think you might love.


Design a game, do some 3-D modeling, write a blog about a political or social movement that means something to you. You define what fun is and we BET we have a course that covers it. 

CHS Summer Fun Courses


This course in 3D Modeling is a great place to start as it is the foundation for all these career paths. Gain a deeper understanding of graphic design and illustration as you use 3D animation software to create virtual three-dimensional design projects. Hone your drawing, photography, and 3D construction techniques and develop the skills needed to navigate within a 3D digital modeling workspace.

You will learn how to use animation tools to conceptualize and bring your creations to life. You’ll learn the ins and outs of creating 2D and 3D animation, from start to finish. You’ll even begin working on our own design portfolio and get hands on experience with creating your own animation projects.

Does your love of video games motivate you to pursue a career in this field? Pursue your passion by learning about the principles of game design through the stages of development, iterative process, critiques, and game development tools. Put these new skills to work by designing your own game!

Building on the prior prerequisite course, use your creativity to develop a game from start to finish! Develop your game creation skills and practice with the tools professionals use to launch your career options in the field of game design. The content of this course also applies to certification exams.

Learn about the elements that make impressive media, such as typography, color theory, design, and manipulation. Explore careers to apply your digital media skills and find your place in this fast-paced and exciting field!

Building on the prior prerequisite course, polish your digital media skills and learn all about web design. Incorporate your ideas into websites and dabble in the basics of marketing to understand how your work is used. Finally, explore the world of podcasts and audio editing to construct a solid foundation from which you can pursue a career!

Explore how you can develop webpages that embed different media and interactivity for excellent user experience through programming languages such as HTML and CSS. Examine trends and opportunities, education requirements, student organizations, and industry certification options. It’s your turn to start designing websites and experiences for digital media consumers.

Programming & Coding

In Coding 1a: Introduction to Programming, you will explore the role technology plays in our lives as well as study the fundamentals of computer science, review hardware and software, and learn how the internet functions. You will also discover how to create and build your own website using HTML and CSS and learn basic and complex commands and sequences as you become familiar with programming languages like JavaScript and Python Programming.

In this course, you will continue to cultivate an understanding of programming languages and expand on website development. You will learn the difference between web development and web application development as well as further explore Advanced Python, HTML, and JavaScript. You will also examine software engineering concepts, learn more about security, privacy, and ethics in technology, and explore the wide variety of careers in computing.

Have you ever wondered how your favorite software is created? Explore the software development life cycle from start to finish while developing your own programming skills with Python. Explore the power of data and algorithms along with their influence upon the world.

Building on the prior prerequisite course, discover how programming can solve a vast array of problems! Plan and develop a problem-solving program while performing testing, debugging, and quality assurance procedures. Design and plan your own app as part of your capstone project to give you a thorough introduction to the world of programming.

Want to sample a course?

Introduction to Social Media

Have a Facebook account? What about Twitter? Whether you have already dipped your toes in the waters of social media or are still standing on the shore wondering what to make of it all, learning how to interact on social media platforms is crucial to surviving and thriving in this age of digital communication. In Introduction to Social Media, you will learn the ins and outs of such social media platforms as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more and how to use them for your benefit personally, academically, and, eventually, professionally. If you thought social media platforms were just a place to keep track of friends and share personal photos, this course will show you how to use these resources in much more powerful ways.

Online Individual Courses

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Online Individual Courses

$ 79 Per Course Per Month
  • Transfer credit to your local high school.
  • 4,8,16-weeks program, or take up to a year to complete
  • Self-paced, take your time or accelerate your learning
  • Monthly tuition ends when your individual course is completed
Though Citizens is an Accredited High School and institutions around the country accept our course credits,  if you are concerned about your institutions accepting them, CHS offers Guaranteed Transfer Credit; click here to learn more.


CHS is a private online high school that is regionally and nationally accredited with the mission to provide high quality distance education for all students to improve the economic and social mobility.

No, you can just take individual courses and then transfer those credits that you have earned to your local school or add them to your homeschool portfolio.

Citizens High School IT courses help prepare students to take one or more IT certification exams, while passing the course does not guarantee earning the certification, CHS believes so strongly this course will prepare you for the exam if you do not pass you can retake the prep course for no charge.

This depends on which certificate you are looking to earn Microsoft, Adobe, Google, etc…all offer certification exams.

This cost of a certification exam depends on the company and the exam.  Microsoft exams costs $165, Adobe is $180, and Google can range between $10 to $200 depending on the exam.  Considering the benefit these certifications can have in your career it is a small investment that can pay large dividends later.  Additionally, your employer may pay for your exam depending on your current career.

Students can email their teachers through the course. Also, many teachers have contact hours where you can call or text your teacher.

You can enroll with CHS at any time.  Just click HERE to start the enrollment process. 

Its up to you.  Courses can be completed in as little as 28 days, or you can take longer if you need or desire.

Yes, most of your work can be done from your smart phone when you download the Canvas Student App. From there you can view the course, watch videos, email teachers, and complete quizzes.

Once an assignment is received by your instructor, they have 24 hours to action your assignment and post the results.

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