Use CHS’ Online Planner for Back to School Scheduling

Fall is just around the corner, which typically means one thing for students: Back to School. As a high school student, you have a lot to think about, from which clubs to join, to which college or trade school to apply to. At CHS, we want to help ease your mind and put you on the path to success by allowing you to plan for and pursue courses that genuinely interest you.

One of our most frequently asked questions from students is: “What course do I need to take next?” to which we typically answer: “Well, it depends…” Although each student has specific requirements that must be met for graduation, we still allow for a lot of flexibility in student schedules. This is because, at CHS, we believe that each student has a unique path; and while traditional high schools push everyone down the same road, we encourage you to go your own way.

But let’s face it: while the flexibility is empowering, having so many options can also be daunting. That’s why we developed our High School Course Planner tool. No matter your plans and goals or where you are in school now, this interactive tool will empower you to take control of your high school planning. The High School Course Planner allows you to plan out your course of study by tracking which courses you have already earned credit for while also mapping out which courses you would like to take in the future. While the tool uses the CHS course catalog to help you select classes you have taken or are interested in, it also allows you to manually add any courses you have taken/would like to take with other institutions. While the planner default is set to 4 academic school years, there is always the option to add additional school years. Why would you want to add a school year? Well, we have found that many students and parents find it useful for elementary school, middle school, and even college.

What about if you aren’t sure what courses you would like to take? Or what if you make a plan and then change your mind? Not a problem. You can create, edit or change your plan at any time. If you would like to do some research first, we encourage you to check out the High School Planner Resource Center found on our website. For General Planning Guides, you can find many sites to reference and informational videos. You can also see the High School Requirements for your state and recommended high school study if you plan to go to a State University. If you plan to start a career vs. a four-year college, you can find a wealth of information on these recommended Career Planning sites.

We hope that you find this information useful! Best of luck this school year and happy planning! To use the Complmentary H.S. Planner, Click here >

Margo DeKoch

Margo DeKoch

Assistant Director of Academic Partnerships and Pathways

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