Military Recruiting and High School: Why a Diploma is Essential

military recruiting

A high school diploma is considered a basic educational requirement for many future opportunities after graduation, including college acceptance and many other career paths. Having a diploma ensures that you have a foundation of knowledge and life skills that can be translated into the workforce and higher education. But besides college and job opportunities, the importance of a high school diploma is also heavily emphasized in military recruitment in the US.

Historically, military service has required soldiers to have a level of physical prowess and discipline. However, as operations evolved with the introduction of more sophisticated technology, infrastructure, strategy, and more complex machinery, there arose a need for more educated soldiers capable of understanding and operating in this new context. 

Having a high school diploma indicates that an individual possesses the skills to efficiently learn, work, and succeed in a modern military setting. These skills can then also be translated into rewarding careers in the civilian workforce after retiring from active duty. 

Presently, the United States military requires that all enlistees possess a high school diploma or a GED. Here are some reasons why having a high school diploma is important for military recruiting:

Cognitive Skills and Learning Capacity

High school provides students with the foundation for cognitive skills that are necessary to succeed in the military. Soldiers with a diploma are better positioned to learn complex tasks and strategies that are part of everyday life in the military.

A high school education equips individuals with foundational cognitive skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and the ability to learn. In the military, these skills ensure that soldiers can comprehend and execute complex tasks, adapt to changing scenarios, and learn from experiences. Being able to effectively complete these tasks helps ensure a successful career in the military. 

Discipline and Commitment

The act of going through four years of and completing high school means more than just a degree. It also signifies that a student possesses traits such as persistence and determination. The military values these traits for long-term service.

Working in military environments possesses many challenging and stressful scenarios where someone is expected to push through to accomplish the task at hand. Completing a high school education demonstrates that an individual is willing to strive to overcome challenges in an academic setting. 

A Common Knowledge Base

The curriculum that is taught in high school provides essential knowledge that is beneficial for the understanding of complex concepts such as military technologies, geography, communication, and more. A common knowledge base allows everyone to be equal partners in the military environment as well as collaborate and communicate more effectively. 

High school covers a broad range of subjects, from science and mathematics to social studies. This comprehensive knowledge base is crucial for gaining a deeper understanding of various aspects of military service, be it technology, geography, or effective communication. The ability of soldiers to effectively grasp these concepts can translate to their sustained success throughout a military career. 

Benefits of a High School Diploma in Military Advancement

Faster Rank Advancements

On top of recruitment, having a high school diploma also has benefits when it comes to advancing in the military. Soldiers with an educational background often move up the ranks more swiftly.

When a soldier has a high school diploma (or higher), this can indicate to commanding officers that they can demonstrate better comprehension and execution of tasks, giving them the chance to stand out more to military leaders. This level of proficiency can lead to quicker recognition and subsequently, faster rank advancements in the service. 

Opportunities for Specialized Training and Roles

Certain specialized military roles require a foundation of education to understand and succeed at them. The military offers a plethora of specialized roles, many of which demand a certain level of education as a prerequisite. Having a high school diploma opens the doors to participating in these opportunities. 

Many of these skills can then be translated to gainful civilian careers in the future. For example, someone who was trained to fly planes in the Navy or Air Force could experience a rewarding second career as a commercial or passenger airline pilot. 

Increased Pay and Benefits

As with many professions, having an educational diploma upon entering the military can correlate with pay scales. Having a higher educational background often results in better pay and benefits while you are in the military.

Those who have attained their diploma before entering the military are often positioned for better compensation and benefits, which can further enhance their quality of life while in the service and afterward as well. 

Earn Your High School Diploma for Military Recruitment

If you are considering a career in the military, having a high school diploma is a great way to make yourself a viable recruiting candidate with the potential to reap more benefits of military service. Citizens High School offers a cost-efficient and engaging way to earn a high school diploma remotely. If you’re looking to earn your high school diploma before joining the military, view our enrollment page to learn more.

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