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Online High School NCAA-approved courses for the serious Student-Athlete

There are more than 8 million high school students in the United States that participate in competitive sports, but only 180,000 or so each year are awarded an athletic scholarship with a NCAA D-I or D-II program. That’s just over 2% of all student-athletes. NCAA athletic scholarships are highly competitive and it takes a team effort for students to earn their way into one. One winning strategy our students have found is that by enrolling with Citizens and taking advantage of our affordable tuition for online high school, athletes have more resources available for individual coaching, tournaments and travel. Our online courses are NCAA approved and will satisfy your initial eligibility requirements. 

Student-Athlete Academy

NCAA Approved Online High School Courses for Student Athletes

Get on the fast track to your future in athletics with Citizens High School

Whether you are looking to build your own diploma program using our NCAA-approved courses, or supplementing your existing program with individual courses, Citizens has the right solution for you. With our flexible enrollment and work-at-your-own pace schedule, you will create more time for your training and travel schedule, giving you the competitive edge to perform your best, both on and off the field or court.  While your goal may be to improve your PR, you can trust that ours will be to make sure you are college ready when your name gets called.

What qualifies a school to be NCAA approved?

Not every school is NCAA-approved like Citizens High School, so it’s important you choose a school that has met the following requirements of the NCAA for nontraditional courses:
  • The high school courses online must meet NCAA core course requirements, which can be found here
  • The courses must have ongoing and regular teacher-initiated interaction for the purposes of teaching, evaluating, and providing assistance throughout the duration of the course. This may include synchronous or asynchronous instructive interaction, including emails, videoconferencing, online chats, phone calls, and feedback on assessments.
  • The courses must have a defined time period for completion. This means the nontraditional program must identify the fastest and slowest paths to successfully complete a course (i.e., maximum and minimum time frame for completion).

Travel baseball and Citizens High School

The top amateur baseball players know how grueling travel schedules can be. And, if you are juggling travel ball while in a traditional high school, it can be even more demanding for the student athlete. Citizens High School students get to work at their own pace, on their own schedule – allowing for more time in the batting cage and shagging fly balls. Having the piece of mind knowing our courses are NCAA-approved makes switching to Citizens an easy choice. Call us today and let our Admissions staff help transfer credit to our school. 

Spend more time on the golf course

The best junior golfers in the world are not sitting in high school classes all day, they are on the putting green and short-game area when not travelling to and competing in tournaments. It’s pretty simple, if you want to have the best shot at a college golf scholarship, completing your high school diploma online with Citizens is one of the best decisions you can make. With our rigorous academic standards, you don’t need worry about sacrificing quality instruction and learning. You will be prepared for life, whether that means a career as a tour player or not. 

NCAA Approved Online High School Courses for Golf Student Athletes
NCAA Approved Online High School Courses for Tennis Student Athletes

Get the most out of your tennis tournament schedule

One of the best way to ways to improve your USTA ranking is to play more tournaments against high quality competition. How many more tournaments would you be able to compete in if you were in enrolled in Citizens High School? We can help you in a couple of ways; our school is asynchronous, which means you schedule your classes when it works best for you, and, with an annual tuition of less than $1,000, making us one of the most affordable NCAA-approved options in the marketplace, you’ll have more money available for entry fees and private lessons. 

Join a team that always wins

We can’t guarantee wins on the field or court, but we’ll prepare you for NCAA eligibility and success with our challenging courses. Our faculty is state-certified and known for providing superior instruction. Whether you compete in an individual sport, or team sports – Citizens has the academic program for you. Click below on “Explore Courses” and choose the “NCAA Program” in our Best Future Finder. You’ll find all of the resources you need to help you achieve your goal of playing at the next level. 

NCAA Approved Online High School Courses for Lacrosse Student Athletes
CHS allows you to customize your high school diploma program to match your goals and interests. Click here to learn more.

Want to sample a course?

College Football

This directed reading course allows students who have a interest in college football to learn more about the history of the sport and its impact on American culture. The books that have been selected by the faculty member cover a broad spectrum of topics within the history of college football including but not limited too: growth of the sport, famous rivalries, famous coaches, and its impact on American society.

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