Citizens High School Launches “High School Completion Pathway” to Enter U.S. Military as Part of “Rise Out Don’t Drop Out” Initiative

November 22, 2022
Jacksonville, Florida

CHS’s Pathway to enlist in the U.S. Military is a Career High School Diploma completion pathway being offered to Adult High School Dropouts and current High School Students at risk of dropping out.

CHS’s Career High School Diploma requires 18 high school credits. Most high school dropouts withdraw from high school in the 11th or 12th grades but have already earned around 14 high school credits before they leave high school. The “Rise Out Don’t Drop Out” initiative reduces the “high school diploma challenge” to 18 credits and presents the student with a shortened transitioning pathways to High School graduation and a chance to re-engage or re-connect to an “in-reach” graduation goal and start on a life-changing pathway in the U.S. Military.

Dr. Jim Etter, CEO of Citizens High School, retired Marine Corps Officer and Founder of American Military University believes the high school completion pathway to enlist in the U.S. Military can bring thousands of “Tier 1” high school graduates to military recruiters. “The adult drop-out learner has been out of high school for several years and is now older, wiser, and more mature and many adults see the military as a great opportunity to change their life track. These potential recruits are not looking for a second chance at Algebra 1, but a second chance to restart their adult life in the military.

In the fiscal year 2022, the U.S. Army missed its recruitment goal by 25% or 15,000 soldiers (Army Times) In October of this year, working with just one Army recruiting station, the “Rise Out” initiative brought in 3 enlistments to recruiters in just 30 days. The U.S. Army has over 1,400 recruiting stations across America and overseas. Dr. Etter projects that if each of the 1,400 recruiting stations brought in just 1 “Rise Out “student per month, the U.S. Army could increase its recruiting numbers by 1,400 per month or over 16,000 per year.

The “Rise Out Don’t Drop Out” initiative awards students as much transfer credit as possible—up to 13 ½credits. Students/recruits only need to complete 4 ½ credits to reach the 18-credit career diploma requirement. Most students with a strong desire can complete their diploma requirement in as little as 3 to 6 months. An adult student can transition from high school dropout to high school graduate, to military enlistment that includes a signing bonus of up $50,000 depending on military service selected and other military benefits (

About Citizens High School
Citizens High School is a Tier 1, online, high school system. Any adult student in a public, private, charter high school, or homeschool can tap into CHS’s online, accredited high school with an omnidirectional learning platform that offers each learner their choice of over 150 electives and academic courses.

Contact Information
Brian Morris
Director of Strategic Partnerships & Initiatives
+ (800)-736-4723 ext. 1228

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