High School for Home Learning: Multiple home learning pathways for families looking for a better alternative to the traditional school system

Reasons why Citizens Homeschool for High School is right for you:

Our High School for Homeschool Learning offers parents and students the following:

Homeschool Learning Advantages

  • Your choice of instructor: parent or faculty
  • Access to over 175 courses
  • Mobile Learning App
  • Homeschool Admin Manager
  • Engaging Lessons designed by subject matter experts
  • Access to NCAA approved courses
  • New courses added monthly
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Find the Homeschool Solution that Works For You

FeatureHomeschool Admin ManagerParent as TeacherFaculty Taught CoursesCorrespondence Courses
Track Student ProgressYesYesYesYes
Create a calendarYesYesYesYes
Access to High School CoursesNoYesYesYes
Access to CHS TeachersNoNoYesYes
Mobile Learning AppNoYesYesYes
Purchase Individual CoursesYesYesYesYes
Grades K - 8 EligibleYesNoNoNo
Grades 9 -12 EligibleYesYesYesYes

Three Ways to Earn High School Credit Online

Parent-Directed Learning

In this model, the parent serves as the instructor and grader of the class. CHS provides the curriculum, the learning platform, and progress monitoring. The parent then provides the student instruction, grades assignments and enters them into the Homeschool Admin Manager which will track the students’ progress. The parent can choose from any of our CHS courses to utilize as their homeschool curriculum. If your looking for your student to earn an accredited high school diploma then they take 75% of their courses with a parent as the faculty and 25% with a CHS faculty member as the teacher and they will qualify for an accredited diploma.
Earn credit

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Individual Courses

In this model, the parent serves as an assistant to the teacher. The parent will provide motivation to the student, help keep track of their grade and pace, and maintain correspondence with the teacher. The student will receive CHS credit for all courses that are completed. Earned credits can either be used to earn a CHS accredited diploma or transferred to a local school. CHS provides access to over 200+ courses ranging in price from $99 per course per month. All courses are taught by CHS teachers. Students and parents will have access to the Canvas mobile app and all of our core courses are NCAA approved as well.

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Correspondence Courses - CHS Offline

Our high school correspondence courses are designed for the student who doesn't feel comfortable doing online courses and the traditional classroom setting is just not for them. Our correspondence course provides self-paced learning for students not wanting or do not have access to internet. CHS provides instructors to provide comprehensive feedback on assessments as well as provide academic support. Our correspondence course will provide students with the flexibility they need in their schedule, while still earning credits toward an accredited high school diploma that be transferred to a local school as well.

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For almost 40 years CHS has provided high quality online home learning to tens of thousands of students.

Holly's Testimony

We didn’t know what to expect from an online high school. I didn’t know if it would be easy to get in touch with the teachers. It was. It was so easy. The communication was stellar all the way through.

Holly Mathis

Canvas Parent Monitoring App

Manage your student’s academic progress in Citizens High School with the Canvas Parent Mobile App. View student assignments and current grades at any time from the App once you have installed it on your device. This video walks you through how it works. 

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This can vary from family to family.  It really depends on the child’s grade level, style of learning, and the family budget.  At Citizens High School we can provide you with several high school options from Online Individual Courses, Correspondence courses, POD systems, and online curriculum for parents.  We also provide administrative support through our Homeschool Admin Manager that works for all grade levels.


As a parent you can start homeschooling at any time and at any grade level.  Once you are knowledgeable on what needs to be done to set up your homeschooling, it becomes important to identify the learning style of your student and how you will be connect with him or her as they gain new knowledge. 

This can vary from family to family.  It really depends on the child’s grade level, style of learning, and the family budget.  At Citizens’ High School we can provide you with several high school options from Online Individual Courses, Correspondence courses, POD systems, and online curriculum for parents.  We also provide administrative support through our Homeschool Admin Manager that works for all grade levels.

The beauty of homeschooling is that it is flexible to adapt to any family’s schedule.  You should try out several different schedules to see what a good fit with both your families schedule and when your student learns best as well. 

Yes, almost all colleges now not only accept homeschool students, but also have specific admission practices and policies published on their websites so that families know exactly what they need to submit to the university of college they are interested in attending.

No, a student can re-enter their local school or private school at any time if as a family they decide that homeschool is not a good fit at that time.

There are many homeschool groups and co-ops available for families that socializing your child shouldn’t be a concern. These groups offer activities such as field trips, play dates, and other fun events for families to take part in together. If you will be doing the teaching, homeschooling groups can be helpful in connecting you with other parents who can be a sounding board when you have questions. 

Not necessarily, virtual school is specific to learning that occurs online either with a teacher or through self-taught learning.  Homeschool could use any number of platforms and methods to teach their student. 

Yes, CHS is accredited, visit our Accreditation page for more information. 

No, CHS provides homeschool families just looking for online high school curriculum the ability to access our online courses without being taught by one of our faculty members.  Check out Parent Directed Learning section for more information.

Yes, Citizens High School offers two diplomas.  A Career Pathway diploma which requires 18 credits to earn and is designed for students looking enter the workforce directly or join the military after high school.  Additionally, there is the College Pathway diploma which requires 24 credits to earn and is designed for students looking to go to college after high school.  Our diploma is accredited, which means it is accepted all U.S. accredited colleges and universities. 

Yes, all students who enroll with Citizens High School as a student will be provided a transcript.  Additionally, those students and parents who utilize the Homeschool Admin Manager tool will have access to build a transcript for their homeschool student as well.  Students who need a transcript from CHS can simply click on Request Transcript and receive a transcript from us.

There are multiple ways in which you can earn high school credits towards a CHS diploma.  First, you can transfer any credits that you earned from any of your previous high schools that you have attended.  If you are currently a homeschool student, you can also send in your Homeschool Validation Form, which documents your high school courses.  Any homeschooler that utilizes CHS curriculum for their homeschooling needs will not need teacher verification, just submit the final grade with work samples.  Finally, all courses taken with CHS and taught by a CHS faculty member will count towards a CHS diploma.

For best performance, you should access your courses with a computer that supports the most recent browser versions.  It is recommended to use a computer five years old or newer with at least 1GB of RAM.  You can also access your courses with the Canvas Student app.  The Canvas Student app can be easily downloaded from your App Store.  For parents, there is also the Canvas Parent App which allows you to track your students progress, see their current grades, and communicate with the teacher. 

There are multiple ways in which a student or parent can get help and ask questions.  You can live chat with our Student Services department via the website, or send us an email at studentservices@citizenshighschool.com.  You can also call our student service or academics team at 800-736-4723 Monday through Friday 9AM – 5PM Eastern Standard Time. 

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