Enrollment FAQs

18 Credit Diploma for Career: for students who plan to enter the work force, military, or a 2 year college after high school.

24 Credit Diploma for College: for students who plan to attend a 4 year college or university after high school.

Individual Courses: for students who need credit recovery, supplemental courses for high school or homeschool.

Offline: for students who desire to complete their courses on paper. We offer our 18 and 24 credit diploma pathways offline through correspondence courses in the mail.

Tuition payments will be automatically deducted from your account each month based on the day you enroll. A student who enrolls on the 10th of the month will be automatically charged on the 10th of every month moving forward. Our preferred method of payment is credit card.

Students who enroll in either our 18-Credit or 24-Credit diploma program will pay $149 per month and take two courses at a time. Students enrolled in the 18-credit online diploma program have three years to complete the program and if the student were to take the full 3 years the total program price would be $5,513. Students enrolled in the 24-credit online diploma program would have four years to complete the program and if the student were to take the full four years the total program would be $7,301.

It is possible to graduate in less time and that you simply pay tuition for the time the student is enrolled, completing courses, and graduating.

Yes, CHS is accredited, visit the Accreditation page for more information

If the student has transfer credits, we will need the official transcript sent directly from the school to Citizens within 60 days of enrollment.

Learn more about the CHS Admissions Policy here