Four Steps To Earn Your High School Diploma

for the U.S. Military

Four Steps To Earn Your High School Diploma

for the U.S. Military

Step One: Obtain Your Transcript

Retrieve your relevant transcripts (high school, GED, home school, international, etc.).

Your recruiter can be a resource in obtaining transcripts.

Click here to obtain your U.S. high school transcript.

Step Two: Contact Citizens High School

The CHS Admissions Specialist will conduct a Preliminary Transfer Credit Review. CHS is committed to awarding you as many transfer credits as possible – up to 13 ½ credits. If you currently have a GED you will be considered a High School Senior and will begin the CHS Military Pathway with 13 1/2 credits. 

When the Preliminary Transfer Credit Review has been completed, your Admissions Specialist will let you know how many credits will transfer, and what courses you need to take at CHS.

Schedule a meeting with one of our admissions specialists at a time that fits your schedule.

Before scheduling your meeting with CHS, please ensure that you have obtained any transcripts needed to have ready when talking with the admissions specialist.

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Step Three: Begin Courses

Your Admissions Specialist will help you enroll in the courses you need to complete to earn your diploma.

Step Four: Complete Courses & Earn Your Diploma!

CHS staff will let you know when you have become a high school senior (If you aren’t already there), so that you can inform your Military Recruiter. CHS also will let you know what you need to do to prepare for and take the ASVAB exam.

To Begin Your Pathway to your High School Diploma contact a CHS Admissions Specialist