Continue the Conversation

with the Truth & Reconciliation Conversation Course

In a time of social and political unrest, it can often feel like the country is divided in ways like never before. We believe that the first step towards reconciliation is open dialogue.

Citizens High School aims to bridge the conversation gap by offering a neutral platform for discussions to occur. 

The TRC course provides a framework for individuals to engage in powerful, transforming conversations to help lead social change in your community. 

Organized into two sections:

  • The first half of the course is a self-paced, virtual workshop that will guide participants through how to engage, and later facilitate, difficult conversations.
  • The second half of the course encourages students to reflect upon their new knowledge and then continue the conversations through blogging or vlogging. 

Benefits of the Truth & Reconciliation Conversation Course

While having conversations about our differences can be difficult, it is always very rewarding.  By confronting the challenges in front of us as individuals and as a society, we will be able to grow and learn together.  This is not the only benefit of the Truth & Reconciliation Course, here are some other benefits to taking this course:

  • Ability to earn high school credit and transfer to your local school
  • Ability to earn a certificate of completion
  • The ability to make an impact on your community and do your part to continue the conversation
  • You will be able to start a movement, no matter how small or large, of racial reconciliation and continue in the footsteps of leaders such as Nelson Mandela
  • You will receive life skills such as communication skills, empathy, listening, and blogging
Continue the conversation today and sign up for the Truth & Reconciliation Course.

Citizens High School is strongly supportive of creating a dialogue on racial equality and social justice. That’s why we are a Title Sponsor of the Truth and Reconciliation Conversations Global Summit. As educators, we feel it is our responsibility to be a part of the conversation and to facilitate the sharing of ideas.