What’s so great about the Best Future Finder?

What do you want to do when you graduate? This is the inevitable question every student gets asked, and let’s face it, how many of us had a clear answer when we were first asked? The answer to the question may not be as important as how do you plan to prepare yourself for life after graduation. The choices we make about what classes to take in High School and how we perform in those classes ultimately has a lot of influence in what options are available to us after graduation. With this in mind, Citizens Online High School developed a simple and free e-guidance tool to help students of all ages and circumstances make better decisions about preparing for a lifetime of learning and discovery. Citizen’s new course planning tool combines the convenience of an intelligent course catalog with adaptive e-guidance functionality to make planning your high school education simple and rewarding. 

Citizens Online High School offers full schedule online diploma programs as well as individual classes that can be transferred to traditional place-based high schools. With our regional and national accreditation, you have the peace of mind knowing that your work will be accepted at almost any school. 

The first step in building your best future is deciding between diploma pathways. For students who expect to apply for college or university, it is recommended to take a College Diploma track for 24 credits, which is often divided into 4 years of 6 credits each year. Citizens Online High School graduates have been accepted by some of the top universities in the world upon completing our rigorous academic studies program. One of the best things they love is that they get to do it on their schedule, rather than having their time mandated by a traditional high school. 

Do you have some High School credits already completed and want to transfer to Citizens to earn your degree? No problem. The Best Future Finder makes this process simple by allowing you to add in those classes you have already finished. Just check the box that says “completed” by the courses you have fulfilled, or add your own if not in our catalog and continue your way through the process of selecting your courses. You can enroll immediately and send us your transcripts at a later date. We will accept up to 18 credits for the college pathway, or 12.5 credits for the career pathway and all you have to do is complete your final requirements with us to earn a Citizen’s accredited diploma. 

For many students, a more pragmatic path to graduation is completing our general studies diploma program. We call this pathway the Career Diploma track simply because most of these graduates are moving on to full time employment rather than post-secondary education. This pathway is also a perfect fit for students who plan on enlisting in the military. This track requires 18 courses to satisfy graduation criteria and often is taken in 3 years of 6 credits each year. Keep in mind, while 6 credits a year may be typical for a traditional school plan, with Citizens work-at-your-own-pace model, you can accelerate your learning and graduate much faster. To build your best career diploma pathway – choose one of the career programs in the Best Future Finder. 

Once you have navigated the builder and have selected your courses the system brings you to a summary page like none other in the industry! You can drag and drop your courses around to create the perfect sequence of classes for your plan. With the future finder, you have your own account (totally free, forever) and you can make adjustments to it wherever you need to. We’ve even heard of school guidance counselors using the Best Future Finder as a better solution for developing course plans for students who have no intention of taking a course with Citizens. This is great news to us as we are excited to share this technology and make planning a lifelong exercise that ultimately leads to more fulfilling outcomes in one’s life journey. 

For many students, starting with a simple assessment of interests will help them choose between a college or career pathway. There are lots of assessments to choose from. Here is site that provides links to free online career tests.  

Once you are ready, we invite you to Click HERE to explore the Best Future Finder. Thanks for reading and we look forward to assisting you in finding your best future! 


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