What is Credit Recovery?

Students and Parents are Finding It’s Never Too Late to Improve GPA or Academic Performance

High school students are often expected to juggle a lot of different responsibilities. Besides classwork at school, many districts also require volunteer hours in order to graduate. Many students have athletic practice, after-school activities, and rehearsals for band, dance, and theater. At home, they have chores, homework, or maybe even an after-school job. And that’s all assuming there haven’t been any unexpected interruptions to learning caused by natural disasters and pandemics.

With all that in mind, it isn’t  surprising that students fall behind or end up with less-than-ideal grades in difficult or challenging subjects. Typically, as long as students “pass” the course, they’re told “too bad” and “study harder next time.” They move to the next level of the subject under-prepared. The pattern repeats. Their GPA suffers. Opportunities like awards and scholarships are lost. But Citizens High School says It Doesn’t Have to be That Way.  

Retaking Courses for Better Results.  Understanding Credit Recovery.

The concept of credit recovery is similar to the option usually reserved only for the lowest achieving students or those at risk for not meeting graduation requirements. Students re-take courses they have already completed with the aim of learning the material more thoroughly and earning a higher grade upon demonstrating mastery of the subject. 

  • Students are no longer “stuck” with bad grades for their entire high school careers. 
  • Better academic performance in core subjects allows for placement to honors or advanced placement courses. 
  • Stronger understanding of course material better prepares students to excel in future courses in the same subject. 
  • Students who fall behind from transferring schools, illness, and other unplanned events do not end up penalized. 

How Credit Recovery Works – The Citizens Way 

Normally, the reason students are not offered a chance at credit recovery is that brick-and-mortar schools do not have the resources to provide it to all students. Because the traditional high school model requires in-person instruction in a physical school location, summer school and night school courses are available on a very limited basis – or sometimes not at all. 

Citizens High School is different. Our 100% online platform allows students to access courses any time, anywhere. All it takes is an internet connection. 

  • Students can study in the evenings, on weekends, and even during vacation breaks. 
  • Coursework is all self-paced with options for students to complete assignments in as little as 4 to 6 weeks, or as long as 12 weeks. 
  • Students have unlimited access to teachers 
  • Accredited curriculum allows earned credits to be transferred back to existing local high schools to improve/replace prior grades*. 
  • Students may take individual courses as needed in core areas starting at $59 per month, per course. 

*Citizens High School recommends consulting your local high school’s guidance counselor or curriculum advisor to receive pre-approval for transfer of CHS credits. We will provide all necessary transcripts and documentation to streamline this process. 

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