Student of the Month: Maritza Tsabitah

Citizens High School is honored to announce the recognition of Ms. Maritza Tsabitah as our Student of the Month for December 2020. Maritza is a senior at Citizens High School from the country of Indonesia. She was recently presented with the achievement by Dr. Jennifer Blalock, Chief Academic Officer at Citizens. Maritza was selected by Citizens High School staff and faculty for her outstanding academic achievements, as well as dedication to her education, her extracurricular and volunteer work.


The following are some highlights of the Q & A between Maritza and Dr. Blalock:

Dr. Jennifer Blalock (JB): “What you enjoyed about studying online with Citizens High School?”

Martiza Tsabitah (MT): “I enjoy the entire things of CHS. CHS provides me the opportunity to discover my passion through many various courses. Also, I can study at my own pace and build my own schedule to achieve my goal- graduate early.”

JB: “What’s your favorite school subject?”

MT: “Math (specifically Algebra), English, Biology.”

JB: “Are you partaking in any extracurricular activities or volunteerism?”

MT: “Yes, here are a few activities I’m a part of outside of school: Student Leader for a boarding school organization, Researcher and content creator for a Science Non-Profit Organization, Palestinian Lives Matter, Home tutor, Member of archery and martial arts clubs, and I’m independently learning photography.”

JB: “Any College Goals?”

MT: “I want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in environmental or psychology fields and continue until Ph.D.”

JB: “Any Career Goals?”

MT: “I want to work with certain companies that have the same vision as me.”

JB: “Do you have any favorite teachers?’

MT: “I don’t have any favorite teachers because all of my teachers are friendly and always support my high school career.”

JB: “If you could meet any person from history, who would that be?”

MT: “Definitely B.J. Habibie (Indonesia’s Third President). His knowledge about sciences, specifically the universe, inspired me to hear his experiences.

JB: “Lastly, do you have any advice you would give to other students?”

MT: “First thing I want to advise any students out there is don’t procrastinate, especially for online school students. Please do your assignments before the deadline and try to understand the material by yourself first, then ask your teacher if you have a problem.”

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