Why Should I Trust Citizens High School?

Citizens High School Believes in Choices – Not Shortcuts

Earning a high school diploma is essential to nearly all levels of personal and professional success. Nearly all colleges and universities require an accredited high school diploma as part of the admissions process, and a majority of trade and technical schools require one as well. Even employers who do not require college degrees will require a high school diploma for those wishing to advance to pre-management or management positions. And yet, the traditional high school model remains rigid in delivering only one way for students to earn this important certification – show up at school at an assigned time, every day, for multiple years.

Citizens High School was designed to give more students more chances at success by providing a smart, engaging, fully accredited alternative to the traditional bricks-and-mortar high school experience. By utilizing a state-of-the-art online platform for learning, our students don’t need to attend a physical location, they can access all their coursework and teachers through the internet – on a laptop, desktop computer, tablet, even a smartphone. Even more attractive is the idea that students can log-in to their classes a at a time that works for them, even if that’s on nights or weekends, and then work at their own pace to achieve their academic goals.

Is Citizens High School Legit? It’s a question we hear a lot when people realize how much more choice, quality, and flexibility we offer than traditional high schools, present-day distance learning, and remote/virtual school options.

  • Citizens offers dozens of accredited core classes and electives to choose from.
  • Our coursework is unique, innovative, and tailored to the online experience.
  • CHS instructors are proven at delivering the best-possible educational experience via online methods and technologies.
  • Teachers are friendly, flexible, and available via email, text, phone, or chat so no student is left behind.
  • We offer numerous options for gifted, high-achieving, and other motivated students.

Citizens High School is Fully Accredited

That means that when you choose Citizens High School, you’re receiving a quality education that meets or exceeds state, regional, and national standards for high school learning. Your CHS diploma is recognized the same as public schools, charter schools, and private schools from across the country. But unlike those counterparts, only Citizens High School offers two distinct diploma tracks to suit your individual needs.

  • Career or Job Track – a fully accredited diploma that meets the requirements of employers and trade schools alike.
  • College Track – a fully accredited diploma with a little additional coursework typically expected for admission to most 4-year colleges and universities.

Citizens High School proudly holds accreditation credentials with the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools as well as the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. A full listing of our certifications, accreditation, and partnerships can be found here. 

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