Before the Avengers, Hollywood, or Comics—there were Folklores

You’ve heard it time and again that education doesn’t have to be boring. Did you know CHS has a Mythology and Folklore course that you can take as an elective? If Stories and Folklore isn’t your thing, we offer a range of classes like Cosmetology or STEM programs to boost your GPA this Fall.

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I bet you’ve heard of The term “Valkyries” (or something similar to it), or maybe you remember a magical or evil animal from a fairytale or Roman-themed Blockbuster hit. Some fun facts that are taken from our Mythology course expand on these points below:

• Valkyries were warrior goddesses in Norse legend. Valkyries were daughters of the Norse god, Odin, and their purpose was to fly on their horses over the fields of battle and choose the souls of the dead to carry to heaven. The Valkyries carried out Odin’s instructions in determining the winners of battles and wars.

• The animals in myths and legends often have dualistic natures. They may be helpful, harmful, or fluctuate between the two.

• The snake also plays a role in many creation stories. Lord Vishnu of Hindu mythology slept in the coils of a gigantic cobra. When he woke up, he told the god Brahma that it was time to create the world. The Aboriginal people of Australia tell of a great Rainbow Serpent that emerged from the ground and drew out all of the other animals. Some African creation myths are also centered around a great python-like rainbow snake that lies coiled beneath the world and keeps it from falling. Jormungandr, the serpent of Norse mythology, is said to be wrapped around the earth with his tail in his mouth. Legend says that if he ever releases his tail, the world will be destroyed.

CHS Mythology ENC9001

CHS Mythology ENC9001

CHS Mythology ENC9001

CHS Mythology ENC9001

CHS Mythology ENC9001

CHS Mythology ENC9001

Watch a show about Folklore

There is a show on Netflix called “Myths and Monsters” that is additional, fun, cinematic, and relatable content that ties to the subject. The only downside to the series is that there are only six episodes. Each episode spans 43 minutes. Here’s a short synopsis of the episodes from Netflix’s website:

Image from Netflix.

• Episode 1 – Heroes and Villains – Hero-villain stories are among the most beloved in European mythology for a reason: They’re based on universal human preoccupations.

• Episode 2 – The Wild Unknown – The ancients saw the wilderness as a place of mystery and darkness, where a traveler could find rewards — as well as danger.

• Episode 3 – War – War has been a constant in human history, and stories of conflict often lie at the root of a society’s values, ideals, and identity.

• Episode 4 – Love and Betrayal – Jealousy, betrayal, and other dark emotions born out of romantic desire have inspired some of the most enduring stories known to humankind.

• Episode 5 – Change & Revolution – Myths have played a crucial role in developing social rules. But they also drive the punishments of those who disobey them.

• Episode 6 – The End of All Things – There’s an enduring fascination with the dead. And when it comes to death, myths and legends reveal what different cultures value most in life. (“Myths and Monsters | Netflix”)

This series luckily is still available on Netflix!

Folklores will always be relevant because they teach and remind us about historical, moral, or spiritual lessons. Even better, the main character is usually fascinating and rare through acquiring a superpower or by facing and overcoming an otherworldly set of circumstances. Unlike most Blockbuster hero or supernatural films of today, traditional folklores are much more realistic to the other side of human nature and behavior such as poverty, war, cowardness, lust, greed, anger, jealousy, etc. But It’s not all grim. Folklores also celebrate life – one’s uniqueness and individual path or love at first sight. Positive folklores can celebrate true loyalty and friendship or be riddled with the humor and irony of life.

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Please click here to visit the Course Catalog to view the Mythology ENC9001 Course. If you like reading, click here to learn more about our Directed Reading Program, which allows you to earn credit for reading literature of your choice!


“Myths and Monsters | Netflix.” Neflix, Accessed 28 July 2021.

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