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CHS Wall of Honor

Citizens High School is proud of the outstanding effort, academic excellence, and continued progress of our students. CHS students are motivated, dynamic, and eager learners who make meaningful contributions to their learning community online. 

“The Student of the Month program is just one way we pay tribute to the incredible tenacity and exemplary achievement of our diverse students at Citizens High School. Though we don’t see them face to face, we come to learn about and be impressed by their dogged determination to progress, to excel, and to achieve,” explains CHS Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Jennifer Blalock.

The CHS Student of the Month program recognizes one outstanding CHS online or offline student who:
  • Demonstrates academic excellence through scholarship and mastery

  • Exemplifies leadership in learning in their class and the CHS community

  • Displays superior writing, verbal, and academic skills in their online learning classroom

  • Persists as a result of personal motivation, dedication, and commitment to achieving their goals

CHS Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Jennifer Blalock

Each month, the CHS Academic Leadership Team reviews a number of dynamic CHS students and selects one outstanding scholar to honor for their academic achievements. Check out the students below who have been recognized with this honor in 2021 to learn more about their accomplishments.

August 2021

William Reid

Favorite class

Math, History & American history, Speech & Debate

Favorite teacher

Well I don’t have any, they’re all good teachers. They all provide feedback and always available to help if needed.

College / career goals

Well in the future I hope to get a job in NASA or any other space exploration.

June/July 2021

Faith Peterson

What I enjoyed about online learning

I love that online learning gives me the freedom to work at my own pace & prioritize my life appropriately.

Favorite teacher

My favorite teacher is Mrs. Lowe! I loved her Lord of the Rings class, and was lucky enough to have her for Women’s studies as well. She and I had a lot of fun during our discussions, and the content that the class was based on was super enjoyable for me!

College / career goals

Upon finishing my diploma, I want to continue my education, most likely in women’s and genders study, and start a family with my wonderful husband.

April/May 2021

Jaeden Smith

February/March 2021

Ryan Robles

Favorite class


Favorite teacher

Stacy Bush

College / career goals

Learn my profession and get a nice job.

January 2021

Victoria Gladys Dávalos Dueñas

College / career goals

I am actually a senior at Citizens High School, which means many of us are expected to apply to college and universities. I am a great believer of education and have been very passionate for debate since I have memory. As I graduate high school, I have chosen the path to continue my studies in college and I am looking to study law as my first career and major in economics and international relations.

2021 Goals

I am looking forward to 2021 as a year full of opportunities and open doors. I hope to achieve my main goal this year which graduating. I also expect to be accepted into the college I am applying to and soon begin with it. Aside from all the academic part, my goal is to travel my country and visit many beautiful places.

For more information, contact academics@citizenshighschool.com.

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