Welcome to the Citizens Homeschool Library

Homeschooling comes with its own set of challenges and obstacles to face. It is also characterized as a community of supporting parents, teachers and mentors. We’ve been serving the homeschool community for nearly 40 years and have condensed 4 decades of wisdom into some downloads that are available to you here in our exclusive Homeschool Resource Library. Click on any of the homeschooling documents below for download.  

Homeschool Library Downloads

The 8 Myths of Homeschooling

This PDF discusses 8 different stereotypes and myths people believe about homeschool students and proving why they aren’t true. 

The 5 Steps to Start Homeschooling

From knowing your state laws to connecting with other homeschool parents, this PDF is a helpful guide to share with Parents debating, starting, or are new to Homeschooling.