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You are enlistment eligible (minus a high school diploma). Eligibility Requirements can vary from branch to branch.

Visit a Recruiter to determine eligibility, take the ASVAB Test, and obtain any relevant transcripts (high school, GED, home school, international, etc.).

Enroll in CHS' Career Diploma Completion Program.

Apply for the Delayed Entry Program if you are a high school senior with 13 1/2 credits or have your GED.

Graduate with your high school diploma and start your U.S. Military Career.

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At Citizens High School, our online program helps you achieve a diploma. With our established ties to the U.S. Military, we offer guidance and support at each step, facilitating your journey to enlistment.

Frequently Asked Questions

A high school diploma is one of the basic educational requirements for enlistment in the U.S. Military. It demonstrates a foundational level of education, discipline, and commitment, which are essential qualities for military service.

CHS offers a tailored program specifically designed for those aiming for military service. With the flexibility of online learning, swift course commencement, and personalized guidance throughout, it’s a streamlined path to achieving your diploma and preparing for enlistment.

You can request transcripts from your previous school, whether it’s a high school, GED program, home school, or an international institution. Your recruiter will work with you to obtain your official high school transcripts. Additionally, CHS can help you retrieve U.S. high school transcripts, by clicking here .

The duration depends on the number of transfer credits you have and the specific diploma program you choose. With the flexibility of our online courses, you can progress at a pace that suits you.

If you currently possess a GED, you’ll be considered a High School Senior in our program and will begin the CHS Military Pathway with 13 1/2 credits. Provide CHS with your Official GED Certificate. This gives you a head start towards completing your diploma.

After the Preliminary Transfer Credit Review, our Admissions Specialist will guide you on the transferred credits and the courses you’ll need to undertake at CHS.

Absolutely! CHS offers resources and guidance to help you prepare for the ASVAB exam, ensuring you’re not just diploma-ready, but also set for a successful enlistment process.

CHS provides a range of support services, from academic guidance to resources like the ASVAB prep course. Our goal is to ensure your success in achieving your diploma and beyond.

Once you’ve achieved 13 1/2 credits as a high school senior or have your GED, you can apply for the Delayed Entry Program. This means you’ve committed to military service but will only start your training after completing your high school diploma. Ask your recruiter for details about DEP.

Start with your recruiter. Whether it’s about our program, the enlistment process, or the next steps, feel free to reach out. Also, our dedicated CHS team is here to assist if you need to schedule a meeting 

Yes, there are Military Scholarship opportunities if the applicant meets the basic eligibility requirements and is in the Delayed Entry Program. Learn more about the requirements and application process on this page.

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