School Choice

With the option of choosing where your child goes to school, why not choose the best?

100% Online High School, tailored to your child’s needs. What more can you ask for?

High School is the most important step in a young persons academic pathway.

Now you have a viable alternative to the traditional public school system that is failing our children.

The School Choice Academy provides innovative solutions that allow you to accelerate your child’s college and career goals. We provide real-world services that are rarely seen in education.

We are proud to offer Arizona residents:
  • Mental Health Counselling Services
  • Local Gym Membership
  • Flexibility to work at your own pace with fewer distractions
  • Ability to earn your Associate’s Degree while in high school which reduces the cost of sending your child to college
  • Personalized Instruction from our dedicated faculty who are among the most qualified and accomplished high school instructors in the nation
  • Laptop Provided!
  • One on One Tutoring
  • Assistance with College Placement
  • Industry Certification Preparation
  • Good Health and Nutrition - Two healthy meal options delivered to your door five days a week

Our fully accredited program has sent students to top colleges across the country.

With over forty years of being a distance education school, we understand what non-traditional students need and want.

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1000 +

Signing up using your Education Savings Account is as easy as 1 2 3...

  • Step One: Apply for the Education Savings Account in your Arizona. Click here for directions (Link?)
  • Step Two: Enroll with CHS 
  • Step Three: Use your ClassWallet payment card to pay for your student’s tuition. Click here for directions (Link?)
Diploma for College and AA Degree

Earn our diploma and AA from either Southeastern Univ (Christian) or Western Texas College (Public)

Diploma for College

Fulfills basic high school diploma requirements 

Diploma for Career

Fulfills high school diploma requirements in order to graduate and move on to a career. 

Apply below to get started!

Hear what Noa has to say about the accessibility, flexibility, course quality, teacher responsiveness, and more in this Student Testimonial!

February 2023

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Online High School Options

Whether you need a full course path to get an accredited High School diploma, or just want to take some Individual Courses, we have exactly  what you need.  

Diploma for a
Better Job

Tired of the same old dead end jobs?  Finally graduate and move  on up!

CHS Espanol Academy
Diploma to Get
Into College

Prepare yourself  for the next step in your academic journey with our 24 credit hour diploma track . 

e 3

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