Why Getting Your High School Diploma Is Important!

Getting your high school diploma as an adult helps you increase your basic skills that can help you be more productive as a worker, family member and citizen. Depending on what classes or program you chose, getting your high school diploma can help you with reading, solving real life challenges and increase your knowledge.

Schools that are Regionally accredited and National accredited are the most widely accepted by employers and colleges. Citizens High School is accredited by both of these accrediting organizations.

Benefits Of Getting Your High School Diploma

  • Improve your opportunity for workplace promotions
  • Immediate Higher Wages
  • Your High School Diploma can be used for college admission
  • Personal accomplishment
  • More Competitive in Jobs, Life, College
  • You Will Need A High School Diploma To Join The Military
  • Increase your basic skills in reading, writing, wealth creation, math, problem solving, English language competency and other life skills

How Going to High School Helps You Financially

You have 120 days (4 months) After Registration to Complete The Rest of your Application and Your First Course(s)

Average Salary $20,241
Average Salary $35,627

The Higher Your Education = Greater Financial Earnings