Learning Coach for High School Diploma

At CHS, we view an involved parent as the learning coach who can best guide their student through his or her daily academic activities. As a learning coach, you help them understand the importance of managing their coursework each day. Academic coaching also can be helpful in monitoring a student's progress to ensure they are maintaining a consistent pace while earning good grades. By offering positive guidance and support, you play a pivotal role in his or her academic success by guiding rather than enforcing.

Although high school is usually the time for a teen to develop their academic skills, sometimes life causes a student to take a different journey. As a learning coach, you can exploit the benefits of distance learning to help your student get back on track by completing a CHS online high school diploma program. Underage students with involved parents, no matter what their income or background, are more likely to graduate, seek a post-secondary education, and get a higher paying job. As their learning coach, you'll know that you made a difference in their life.

Creating Structure for Online Learning

When you choose CHS, we provide easy access to academic advisors, state-certified teachers and technical support, so as a learning coach you can:

  • Assist the student in establishing a daily schedule that supports learning
  • Provide academic support when necessary
  • Verify the student is working consistently
  • Encourage the student to reach out to their teacher for help
  • Review the CHS Orientation in the LMS with the student to learn how to be a successful online student

U.S. Department of Education says students benefit the most academically when a learning coach and educators work together in regular and meaningful communication.