High School Diploma Program for International Students

Are you an international student and looking to earn an American High School diploma? At CHS you can. We are proud to serve our international students and have alumni from around the globe. By enrolling at CHS Online, you can earn an accredited high school diploma while living anywhere in the world. This is especially helpful for members of a military family as well as exchange students and students traveling abroad. If you are interested in attending a post-secondary school in the United States, earning your high school diploma with CHS will open the door  for opportunities to further your international studies.

Credits recovered from international institutions may be honored. However, acceptance of credits will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Transcripts from other countries must be translated by a third-party service before submission to CHS for review. Our student services team will evaluate your international transcripts and other academic documentation to determine which credits are transferable. For students earning a high school diploma, CHS will also assist you upon completion of your international high school diploma program for obtaining an apostille diploma or transcripts for the country where it will be used.

We Serve International Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the United States the top host for international high school students?

The U.S. is the top host of international secondary school students with almost twice the number of students seeking a high school diploma as Canada, which is the next leading country.

Can non-US citizens attend Citizens' High School?

Yes. Citizens' High School has a high school diploma program for international students accepts applicants living anywhere in the world. Our staff will review translated transcripts to determine which credits can be applied toward completion of a high school diploma.

What happens if I graduated from high school in a foreign country?

If you graduated from a high school in your home country, the answer depends on multiple factors, including the standard of education in your home country and the many differences in international education systems. So, those seeking admission to U.S. post-secondary schools should have their diploma and transcripts evaluated.

Will CHS apply high school course credits earned in another country?

Maybe. Once you submit a translated copy of your transcripts, our student services department will review all of your academic documents and make a determination of earned credits on a case-by-case basis.

Are high school diploma programs replacing exchange programs?

A recent study shows the number of international studens who pursue a high school diploma for the U.S. has more than tripled over the past dozen years. These secondary students represent a shift towards earning a diploma rather than entering a short-term exchange programs.


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