High School Diploma Programs for Adults

Are you ready to get back on track and earn your high school diploma? CHS has high school diploma programs for adults that are 100% self-paced and can be completed according to your schedule. What makes this program different from attaining a diploma through other programs is how we deliver instruction and information to our adult students. Moreover, instead of measuring your academic achievement in number of hours spent in a traditional high school class room setting, we provide a self-paced approach that focuses on demonstrating a mastery or competency level for each subject.

Since some states have recently expanded adult high school equivalency and diploma options, our counselors work with each adult learner to meet his or her need by creating a customized program that outlines the courses and assessments needed to earn a high school diploma. Once the identified competencies have been reached, a general mastery of the material is attained. By selecting this option, adult learners have the most flexible instructional schedule based on dates and times. Keep in mind, adults who have a high school diploma make more money on average than those with a GED.

Diploma Programs for Adult Students

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Diploma Programs Are Available For Adult Students?

CHS has two high school diploma programs for adults: a general studies program with 18 credits and an academic studies program with 24 credits. Both are designed to help an adult enter the job market with electives to support your specific job or post-secondary goals. 

What does will it take for me to earn my high school diploma?

All it takes to earn your high school diploma is hard work and a passing grade in the subjects required for completion. If you are an adult who never completed high school, we have a great option for obtaining your high school diploma while following a path that better fits your needs.

Will passing the General Educational Development do the same thing?

It is true that earning a GED is quite an accomplishment, both employers and post-secondary school systems have a tendency to look more favorably on a high school diploma.

Does the GED work the same as a diploma for military enlistment?

Although a GED or certificate of equivalency is effective for lower-level jobs, the U.S. armed forces limit the number of enlistees with GEDs and most often require them to score higher on military entrance exams.

Can a high school diploma help me obtain financial aid for college?

Students who have a high school diploma with a transcript that demonstrates good grades are sometimes eligible for financial aid that is not available for holders of an equivalency certificate. Contact us today to learn more about our high school diploma programs for adults.