Textbook Distance Learning High Schools

CHS Unplugged means you can complete your high school diploma at home or on the go.  Distance learning high schools have everything you need to be successful.  When you’re done with your assignments, you simply send them to us for grading and personalized feedback by one of state-certified teachers.  You can scan your work to email or upload into a virtual classroom or use a stamp to mail it to our home office in Florida.  At CHS Unplugged, you have a hassle-free way of achieving your academic goals.

Diploma Program

The CHS unplugged's diploma program features a texbook approach combined with the convenience of other distance learning high schools. It is affordable and presents an excellent alternative to parents and students who prefer a textbook based curriculum.

Affordable, innovative high-quality diverse diploma programs designed to meet the evolving needs of 21st century students. CHS unplugged introduces a new paradigm in learning focused on providing a 21st-century education through a series of engaging lessons and activities designed to make learning fun. Our curriculums align to national standards ensuring superior instruction school wide making us the perfect choice for accelerated learning, homeschool, credit recovery, summer school, working adults, athletes, accelerate, military families, homebound students and international students.

Diploma Program


CHS diplomas are widely recognized by colleges and employers throughout the country because we are Nationally-Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) and is Regionally-Accredited by the Commission Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

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Affordable Tuition

Our low-cost tuition payment of just $99 to start our high school diploma program makes quality high school education at home affordable for all. Tuition includes all your textbooks and learning materials.

Affordable Tuition

Academically Sound

CHS students earn an accredited high school diploma at home, while studying at their own pace with courses that are designed by leading experts and academically supported by master educators. The CHS unplugged experience not only provides you with a high-quality education, it prepares you for the next step in your journey to social and economic mobility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of the courses and programs completed online?

No, our CHS Unplugged courses is textbook based. Unlike other distance learning high schools, we offer a diploma program with no internet connection needed. You take the books we furnish with you and study where you want, when you want. 

Are my courses really accessible anytime, anywhere?

Absolutely, our CHS Unplugged textbook courses can be accessed anytime and anywhere without an internet connection. You take the books with you study where you want, when you want.  

Can non-US Citizens attend Citizens High School?

Yes. Citizens’ High School accepts students from all over the world. 

How long does it take to finish a program?

Our programs are self-paced, so you can establish your own completion goal.  For example, in our General Studies program if you complete 6 classes per year you can graduate in as little as 3 years.  For our Academic Studies program, 8 classes in our year-round school will allow you to graduate in 3 years as well.  

Is Citizens High School Accredited?

Yes, CHS is nationally accredited by DEAC (Distance Education Accrediting Commission). CHS has been nationally accredited for nearly 40 years, making us the second oldest active nationally accredited distance education high school in the United States.  We are also currently a candidate for regional accreditation with MSACESS Middle States Association. 

What is Textbook Based Distance Education?

Textbook Based Education, also referred to as distance learning high schools, is a form of education that involves teaching students who are not physically present in a classroom environment. The teaching materials necessary for the course are sent to the student. The student, in turn, sends completed assignments back to the instructor to complete each texbook based distance learning module.

Unplugged Fees

Notes on Tuition Payments

Please note that all tuition and fees must be paid in U.S. currency, drawn on a U.S. bank. Canadian postal money orders and international money orders in U.S. funds are also accepted. Money orders and checks should be made payable to Citizens' High School. VISA, Master Card, and Discover Cards are also accepted.

For down payments made by check, the individual course will not be shipped for 15 business days until the check clears.

School Fees

Acceptance of transfer credits is determined by the accepting institution. We work with hundreds of guidance counselors who enroll their students in Citizens’ High School to make up credits. Check with your guidance counselor to be sure your school accepts our credits. Individual Course Program

Late/Returned Payment

There is a $10.00 late charge on monthly payments if not paid within 15 days from due date, and a $25.00 minimum charge for all checks returned for non-sufficient funds.

Makeup Exams

A $5.00 fee is charged for each exam that must be resubmitted due to an incomplete or failing grade.

Shipping and Handling

A $10.00 fee per course will be charged at the time of course shipment.

Course Substitutions/Replacements

The cost to replace texts and/or workbooks varies by subject. Please contact the school for text/workbook replacement fees. Replacement fees will apply to all coursework lost in shipment due to any failure of the student to notify the school of an address change. A $25.00 fee is assessed to replace the study guide for any subject.
There is no charge for course substitutions if:

  • ALL material for the course being returned is sent back in new, REUSABLE condition.
  • The course has not been revised or discontinued.
  • No exams have been submitted for grading.
    Otherwise, standard fees for replaced materials will apply. No replacement or substituted courses will be sent to the student until any and all required fees are paid.

Transcript Evaluations

For enrolled students: There is no charge to evaluate transcripts and/or homeschool portfolios for the purpose of determining academic and tuition credit for successfully completing the required courses.

For prospective students: There is a $20.00 charge to evaluate transcripts and homeschool portfolios prior to enrollment, for the same purpose. Upon enrollment, this charge will be credited to the tuition amount due.

Grade Transcripts/Diplomas

There is a $5.00 fee for an official grade transcript and a $25.00 fee is charged to replace a lost diploma.

Individual Course Program Deadline Extension

Course extension is for six (6) months only and requires the following fees: (1)

  • A $10.00 extension fee per incomplete course if written request and fee is received PRIOR TO the one year deadline date.
  • A $20.00 extension fee per incomplete course if written request and fee is received AFTER the one year deadline date.

High School Diploma Program Deadline Extension

Course extension is for one (1) year. Further extension requests are addressed on a case-by-case basis. Associated fees are as follows:

  • A $20.00 extension fee per incomplete course applies if written request and fee is received PRIOR TO the three year deadline date with no required registration fee and no increase in tuition.
  • A $20.00 extension fee per incomplete course plus a $25.00 reenroll fee apply if written request is received AFTER the three year deadline date, with the total tuition costs being subject to any tuition price increases that may be in effect at the time the request and fee are received. Increased difference in the total tuition costs will be added to the student’s account and billed monthly.


A student may stop and then restart submitting exams at any time within the three year time limit with no further charges as long as their account has been paid in full and ALL exams are ultimately submitted prior to the three year deadline date. Otherwise, the above extension fees apply.

Revised/Discontinued Courses

After the Individual Course Program one year deadline or the High School Diploma three year deadline has passed, any incomplete courses in which the student is enrolled that have been revised or discontinued will not be accepted and replacement fees cited above will apply for all school required substitutions.

Delinquent Accounts

If a student fails to make required monthly tuition payments for a period exceeding 90 days, enrollment status is transferred to inactive. A student whose status is inactive may reenroll at any time within the one or three year time limit by submitting a written request for reinstatement along with any past due tuition payments. The payment must be received prior to submitting exams for grading or receiving further coursework.

Terms & Conditions

Please note that there are two separate Terms & Conditions Agreements for the CHS Unplugged Programs, select the one that corresponds to your specific program of interest:

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