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Our self-paced, open enrollment model for online learning has many advantages, including putting YOU in control of your tuition expenses.

Our tuition model is simple once you get the hang of it. We have a monthly subscription model and you only pay when you are actively taking courses. The total amount you pay per course, or per year is ultimately determined by your pace and whether or not you are enrolled in one of our diploma pathways, or individual course(s). Here’s how it works:

For Diploma Pathway students:

Students in either the Diploma for College, or Diploma for Career pathway take two courses at a time and pay $129 per month. When a course is completed, a new course begins and this is repeated until the student decides to take a break or reaches graduation. Annual tuition is determined by multiplying the monthly subscription of $129 times the number of months you choose to be actively engaged in courses. So, if you are taking classes for 9 months a year, your annual tuition is: $129 x 9 = $1,161

Your annual tuition equals $129 times the number of months active.
Months Per Year789101112
Annual Tuition$903$1,032$1,161$1,290$1,419$1,548

Example: Calculating Annual Tuition for Diploma Pathway Students

Months 1-3

Student takes English I and Algebra 1 at the same time and finishes them both in 3 months. Tuition for these two courses is $129 times 3 months, or $387. 

Months 4-6

Student takes Anatomy and World History at the same time and finishes them both in 3 months. Tuition for these two courses is $129 times 3 months, or $387. The paid tuition for the year now is $774, which is $129 times 6 months. 

Months 7-9

Student takes Journalism and College Readiness at the same time and finishes them both in 3 months. Tuition for these two courses is $129 times 3 months, or $387. The total tuition for 6 credits, completed in 9 months is $129 times 9, or $1,161. 

If a student follows this pacing schedule for 4 years, they will earn 6 credits per year, be actively engaged in courses with a full schedule for 9 months out of the year, and have 3 months off each year, similar to a traditional school year. The total cost to graduate with an accredited high school diploma would be $1,161 times 4 years, or $4,644 and the student would have 24 credits that are recognized and accepted by colleges and universities. 

At Citizens Online High School we believe that a student taking 2 courses at a time provides for ample opportunity to be laser-focused on the academic topics at hand; promotes developing individual relationships with their instructor; and allows the student to fully master the designated subject area. Depending on a student’s learning style and preferences, there are certainly benefits to getting really immersed in 2 topical areas at any given time. 

Though Citizens is an Accredited High School and institutions around the country accept our course credits,  if you are concerned about your institutions accepting them, CHS offers Guaranteed Transfer Credit; click here to learn more.

For Individual Course students:

Students taking Individual Courses can enroll in as many as 6 courses at a time. This allows for the greatest flexibility in your course plan and budget. You decide between CHS Originals at $79 per month or our Premium Courses for $79 per month. You can also mix and match to create the perfect schedule for you. The amount of time it takes to complete a course depends on your pace. Assertive and highly motivated students can complete a course in one month, while other, more deliberate students, or those having to coordinate with a work schedule might take 4 months or more to complete a course.  We like to encourage our students and remind them that it’s not a race. Comprehension of the course material is more important than expediency.  

To calculate your premium per course, simply multiply the monthly subscription amount times the number of months. For example, if you complete a CHS original course in 3 months, then your cost for that course is: $79 x 3 = $237

Example: Calculating Tuition for Individual Courses

In this example, we are going to calculate the total tuition for a student that decides to take 2 CHS Original courses, and 1 Premium course for 4 months.  

CHS Original Course Tuition

Student enrolls in English I and Algebra 1 from the CHS Original catalog and completes them both in 4 months. Tuition for these two courses is $49 each times 4 months, or $392. (49 x 2 = 98 x 4 = 392) 

Premium Course Tuition

While concurrently taking English and Algebra, the student enrolls in E-Commerce, a Premium course, and also completes the course in the same 4 month time period. The tuition expense for this course is $65 times 4 months, or $260. 

Therefore, the total tuition for these 3 courses that were completed in 4 months is $392 + $260, or $652. 

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