Teen Mom Elective Pathway

Turn Parenting Activities Into High School Elective Credits

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Teen Mom Electives allow all students to earn High School credit for some of the learning that takes place while parenting. For example: Cooking, Directed Reading, in Parenting & Child Development, Parenting & Child Development Practicum, and Life Skills. Through an innovative approach to learning, Teen Mom Electives provide the opportunity to take charge of your family’s learning by educating you to educate your children. Through our self-directed learning framework, you have the freedom to choose courses that appeal to your family's needs while learning techniques & tools to become your child's first teacher. 

Courses encourage you to learn about parenting and child development - in a fun and modern way! Course assignments can be completed as easily as posting on social media sites.

Teen Mom Electives are designed to promote lifelong learning while giving you credit for the activities you do every day. Parenting is hard, and being a teen mom is even harder, but earning your high school diploma and preparing your child for life should not be. Teen Mom Electives supports you wanting to earn an accredited High School Diploma 100% online to minimize the barriers of childcare and transportation.


Directed Reading in Parenting and Child Development

Our Directed Reading in Parenting and Child Development course gives students the freedom to choose what they read & how they apply it. Students will read and reflect upon primary works in parenting and child development. Over the course of a year, students will read four books, or book equivalents on child basics, parenting, baby healthcare, quality childcare, and learning readiness. The application of learning will be displayed through project-based activities and open discussion forums with assigned Learning Coaches.

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What is the Teen Mom Cooking Elective Course?

Our Cooking course uses project-based learning to give you credit for the nutritious meals you cook each day for you and your family. You are given the freedom to explore cooking skills, recipes, and meal ideas – either as an individual or in a group. Over the course of a year, you will prepare 26 meals while documenting your process in a 3-5-minute video submission submitted every two weeks.

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Parenting and Child Development Practicum

Our Parenting and Child Development Practicum course allows you to earn credit for being your child’s first teacher. You earn credit for applying knowledge learned about parenting and child development during everyday moments – inside and outside of the home. Milestone development-focused activities allow you to prepare your child(ren) for lifelong learning & exploration.

Through bi-weekly video submission you will be graded on positive parent-child interactions; such as talking to your child, engaging, playing, and parenting techniques.

It is important to note that the Practicum course is not meant to be on-the-job training, or apprenticeship rather it is an educational process of guided experiential learning designed for your personal and professional growth as a parent.

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Top Reasons to Take Teen Mom Electives

  • Earn a high school diploma - not a GED!  
  • Learn about what to expect in your child’s coming years and prepare for each development stage.
  • Help you gain the confidence needed as a parent and establish a better relationship with your child, family, and friends.
  • Learn about child development, effective communication, and skills to use at home when interacting with your child.
  • Learn to choose the best parenting methods based upon your own knowledge of your child.
  • Learn multiple ways to approach problems and guide your development.
  • Make your own schedule - part-time or full-time.    
  • Mobile-Friendly Platform: Easy as using social media.  
  • Receive one-on-one Learning Coach support.  
  • Take Teen Mom Electives and graduate from your local high school by transferring your credits.  
  • Study as an individual or in a group with family and friends.
  • Complete assignments as easy as 1,2,3!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any eligibility requirements?

There are no requirements for the Teen Mom Elective Course.

How do I get assistance from my Learning Coach?

Learning Coaches can be reached via email. All student emails must come from your Canvas account. Please allow your Learning Coach 24 hours to return emails and 48 hours to provide grading feedback Monday through Friday.

How long are the courses?

Teen Mom Electives are up to one-year in length.

How long does it typically take a person to complete a course?

Courses are designed to take one year to complete. There are 26 Journeys in each course. One Journey takes two weeks to complete. But remember…all CHS courses are self- paced and completion time really depends on you!

How many exams are in each course?

There are no exams in our Teen Mom electives.

Is Citizens’ High School accredited?

Citizens’ High school is accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) and the Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools (MSACESS).

What are Teen Mom Electives?

Students are encouraged to explore and learn about the science of early learning to build their child’s brain in ways that help their learning, health, and behavior both now and in the future. Courses provide students the freedom to take charge of their family’s learning by deciding what, when, and how they learn. Teen Mom Electives are designed to give students more time to educate their child by adding learning to everyday situations – mealtime, playtime, bedtime, bathtime, anytime!

What courses are available?

Cooking Course

Parent & Child Development Directed Reading

Child Development Practicum

What is a Learning Coach?

Learning Coaches provide students with one-on-one, online support while completing Teen Mom electives. Learning Coaches personally understand the demands of being a teen parent and are trained to help navigate students on their education journey.

What is the difference between a high school diploma and GED?


Why should I take Teen Mom courses versus other online courses – why is the price so different?

Teen Mom Electives are apart of our premium course offerings. CHS premium courses provide students with more flexibility and freedom to customize their learning from our standard courses. Students taking Teen Mom Electives courses are assigned learning coaches that provided one-on-one support in completing course assignments. The monthly tuition allows us to design courses based on the interests of our students.